Tuesday, 1 June 2010

In My Bag. Today. Honestly.

I have often admired the other tidy bags, organised and logical for the blog post "What's in your bag?" that is going round and thought shall I reveal my bag and it's contents?
Maybe you have already shown what is in your bag or at least read about it.
I looked at the disarray in a heap in my bag and thought: "I couldn't possibly."
Then, on a whim, I decided that if I emptied the heap of mess in my bag and laid them out neatly, it wouldn't look so bad.
Here it is.
Laid out all in a row.

Today's contents are:
5.wedding invite and bits for cake planning
6.store card and coffee shop cards
10.compact powder
11.2x pens
15.shopping bag
16.cheque book
17.2x books of stamps
18.cheque to take to bank
20.memory stick
22.toiletries bag
27.11x lipsticks/lip salve/lip gloss - an assorted and gathered collection in bottom of said bag. (How come I can never find my lipstick?)

I did use the opportunity to throw out some out of date vouchers, a cinema ticket and a til receipt or few, a shopping list that read: milk - and - another notebook.

I need a new bag.
Besides never being able to find anything, always searching for my mobile when it rings, all the pockets on my old bag are all ripped and I am seriously in danger of losing my keys!

I dug out a bag from my collection - pink - of course and stuffed a few items in the new pink bag, leaving the rest to sort later and went off to my nieces.
Let's see how I get on with this bag.

The youngest niece rather liked my pink bag, it turns out, as it all went quiet when she toddled off, tipped the entire contents on the floor, including the cash and cards from my wallet and had used my mascara as a lipstick.
Black mascara.
The new lipstick.
Took ages to wash off.

What's in your bag?

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