Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wednesday Musings

When I was growing up, I would eventually appear downstairs for breakfast, trying to not be too late for leaving for school. My sleepy face must have always looked crestfallen, I guess. My Mum would cheerily say:"Don't worry Luci,it is Wednesday already, Half way through the week."
So, half way through the week it is and I am making a cake. I must have withdrawal symptoms, after the wedding cake. Besides, the Jamie Oliver's Nans Lemon Drizzle cake recipe was, as I already siad the other day, a little rubbish. So, new cake, it is.
We have had "the longest day" on Monday.
It seems hard to believe.
We haven't seemed to have enough sun to warrant the dark evenings beginning to return.
My days can evolve and be completely different to my plan some days.
Today, is the "big" world cup Wednesday match for England. I wonder how many sick days the nation will have, or how many leave work early?
I think I will go to the gym and swim and finish decorating a cake ready for the girls at housegroup tomorrow after I finish work.
Anna is leaving.
I can already picture Abbies sad face as she will sigh and say the now well known phrase: "Everybody leaves."
Wednesday, I am glad you are half way through the week and await to see what today holds.


  1. Happy Wednesday....hump day as we call it in our home. Always seems like a long day to me.

  2. Yes, what a day the memories of last weekend seem far off and the next still seems out of reach. I'm with ya - blah. ;)


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