Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 2

The prompt word for day 2 was "PICNIC" over at Creativity Bootcamp
I immediately thought of red and white checked tablecloths and baskets, summertime, romance, relaxing, buttercups and daisy chains.
I found these scrapbooking papers from my stash: daisy paper, orange red and white check and a dark green and thought: perfect.

I grabbed my picnic blanket from my car, some apples and some sparkly bubbly and took a few photos.

That warm, glowing feeling.
Still dreaming of Summer, I set about the journalling part.
The challenge: to start calling myself an artist.
No way!
suddenly Life was no Picnic at all, with this statement.
Me? An artist? Nooo.
I am just one sandwich short of the picnic, there.
I have friends who are artists and I immediately put myself waaay out of their league.
I always think of an artist as someone who is proven to be one, known as, others say, qualifications, good at what they do.
Then there is me.
Told I am creative, artistic perhaps, learned a few artistic skills, described as quite arty, imaginative, bold, flexible.
I would describe myself as a bit artistic and one who enjoys being in touch with my creative side...
I obediently wrote in my journal, as asked, the words:
Luci is an artist.
I felt numb and went "pah!" in disbelief...
yet actually having a bit of a dream, to fan into flame the creativity, the yearnings for that creative flair and outlet, to fan into flame the gifts that God has given me. As small and as insignificant as I might feel it is. My wee talent of a mish mash of bits of creativity.
Doubts, negative thoughts, failings, words spoken, comparisons all flooding around, crashing, more than the belief in myself.
Help me more, lord to cancel out the negative words, the put downs, disbelief and limitations and to breathe life in the creative artistic parts of Luci.
To flourish.
This was my prayer.
It is a hard process for me.
One of the quotes given was this: " Most people are much more unusual and complicated and eccentric and playful and creative than they have time to express." When I let my creativity go, I have millions of ideas and sooo little time to do things. It would be great to really embrace my creative soul, as battered and tight as a wee bud it is, perhaps.
Apparently the word artist in Webster means: one who creates objects of beauty.
See now that doesn't sound so bad, does it?
Day 3 has the word: MULTILAYERED, which I have been working on today.
Let's just say, it's complicated...

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