Saturday, 19 June 2010

Creativity Bootcamp day 4

Creative Bootcamp is in Day 4. I had been working on the prompts and journalling challenges one day and posting it the next but somehow I woke early this morning to be mulling over the prompt for today all day.
And then didn't post it.
Then reality kicked in with time pressure of needing to finish and pack up the wedding cakes for the wedding last life became work and wedding cake.
So, here I am, Saturday, a week after the wedding and finally sitting down to pull together all my journalled and photographed creative thoughts to share with you of the last few days.
Day 4 prompt:"HEAVY METAL"
It has felt a bit like doing the full metal challenge.
Let me explain why:
There has been a lot of soul searching and re-aligning going on in my heart and head with the journalling prompts during this creativity bootcamp. Yesterday, we were thinking about the things that kill and destroy creativity. Today, when I saw the creative prompt HEAVY METAL, I continued with my thoughts of the protection I wear around my heart/head/soul - some of it is good and needed. The extinguishing fiery arrows kind of armour - those negative thoughts, doubt, disbelief, words spoken but also how sometimes we (or I) shield myslef form possibilities and opprotunities.
I need to live and breathe afresh my creativity and throw off the things that hinder.
Welcome to my full metal challenge.
As part of processing this, I went for a walk. Wind, fresh air, sunshine is great for clearing some cobwebs.
The river and my local park, with the question from today's prompt: What inspires me?
Opportunities, the sense of adventure and possibilities.

Colour and fun.

Life and vibrancy and gentleness and peace found in a garden.

I love being inspired, don't you?
I also took a few pictures of some HEAVY METAL for my scrapbook pages.

I visited my local hobby carft, treated myslef to these beautiful scrapbook papers to use. One a bit grungy, reminding me of the heaviness, the cacophany of sound of heavy metal music with the beautiful contrast of the coordinating flowers of creativity and inspiration. I found them inspiring and can't wait to use them.

What inspires you?

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  1. Cute paper! Great metal pics and the boats are so inspiring!


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