Sunday, 6 June 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Begins!

I am so excited and apprehensive all at once.
Know that feeling?
Today is the first day of Creativity Bootcamp.
Are you joining in?
I decided to join in the other week. I hope that joining in will stretch me and help shape and define me, as I explore my own creativity more.
It is the first blog course I have done, so hope I can keep up and enjoy the challenges it brings. The daily prompts are for my own journalling and for something creative to do each day, in my chosen medium. The bootcamp runs from June 6-18.

I will share some of my thoughts from my journal as I go along this journey these next few weeks.

For the creative part, I would love to do some artwork - perhaps some collage - as I could have hours of fun with mixed media and mess coming together - but realistically, with finishing wedding cakes and the wedding this next week on top of work it really isn't practical for me.
Summer holidays are looming and wedding cakes will soon be out of the way, so I will have lots of time to be creative, then. In the meantime, I will get my creative juices to step up a gear, through some hopefully inspiring photos and some scrapbooking ideas too. I am going to do some photos as my chosen medium as I go along and plan some layouts for scrapbooking as sketches in my notebook based on the thoughts and word prompts for each day. I guess I will be looking at composition for the photos and then experiment with layout ideas for scrapbooking.

Last year, I felt both challenged and encouraged to stir up some of the gifts within me, like creativity, that had perhaps lain dormant for a while. I began scrapbooking and blogging and have found both to be great fun and fulfilling. I have a lot to learn. With entering bloggyland, I have been thrilled to start things like Make Some Art Monday as I hadn't done any art for years. So this bootcamp is taking my creativity to the next level.
Also, journalling is one of my passions. I use it as part of my personal prayer and Bible reading so to look at this creatively will be good for me to do. I often for ease, just write notes in my journal but it would be good for me to do some art/collage work as part of my journalling. I've done it once before and have let it slip.
Time for bootcamp, to tighten up on a few lax habits, I think.
I have a new journal to start.

I love it - it even has a teapot on the back too!

You can see today's full prompt here.


  1. Looking forward to seeing all your lovely creative stuff.

  2. Cute journal cover and it's Ivory....

  3. Sounds exciting and rather challenging too! Clovis says hi too! xx


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