Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 3

I said it was complicated.
MULTILAYERED was the word prompt for day 3.
I immediately thought of the film shrek and donkey chattering on about us all being like onions as we all have layers.
How true.
I am multilayered. Complicated, even.
As I am wrestling with peeling back the layers to reveal my true creative self, I am also aware of the layers I have added of protection, the negative thoughts, words that cause me to doubt or false protect.
The following quotes were given as part of our journalling prompts:
"Conformity is the jailor of freedom and the enemy of growth." John F Kennedy.
We have been challenged to think about the things that kill our creativity: negative thoughts, doubt can do it for me.
Inspiration comes quickly buzzing, bzz, bzz, thwap. dud.
as I think: Nah, I could never do that.
Creativity dead right there.
I wrote in my journal a reminder to take every thought captive and a note to self to extinguish those fiery arrows that come to wound my creative heart and soul.
As I took some multilayered photos, I thought that perhaps I ought to turn the word MULTILAYERED into MULTIFACETED.

The many talents of Luci. The artist.
I will stick to one layer at a time, for now.
In the meantime, these are the funky striped, layered scrapbook papers I will use.

I have nearly finished all the prep for day 4!


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