Monday, 14 June 2010

The Pretty Spectacular Wedding Cake

I have just returned from my nieces wedding, where I did the wedding cake for them. The first wedding cake I have done.
I think the finished cake was pretty spectacular and felt very proud and pleased with the overall effect.
I hope you like the end result, too.
The bride and groom loved it and everyone said it tasted delicious.
The finished bride and groom...

I was so relieved that it arrived safely, as I had to drive the cakes for 3 hours and then the next day transport it and set it up at the venue.

Thankfully, I had my brother in law with me to help cut the dowel rods, measure with the spirit level each tier we did and help move the cake boards so that they sat central to the level below on the pillars. It would have been really tricky on my own and he also helped calm my nerves too.

After the cakes were in place, I was left to add the fresh roses I had bought to go in between each tier.
Beautiful and delicate akido and ocean song and avalanche roses.

I decided that as Mr. Groom, the surprise footballer, has become legless several times over the last few weeks to leave him with 2 cocktail sticks at the back to help him remain upright the whole day. Noone ever knew and at least in the heat he remained upright all day and evening!

Congratulations Aaron and Charlotte!


  1. Congratulations on doing that beautiful cake. I know the stress of driving them somewhere and setting up. It is so pretty and I'm sure they were thrilled by your show of love by doing this.

  2. Oh wow. You are so talented - your first cake - how brave you are! My grandma made most of my bday cakes and all of the grandkids wedding cakes (we were too far away for her to do ours) and I know what it takes. What a wonderful memory they will have because of you!

  3. You did such a beautiful job, Luci! Definately something to be proud of!

  4. Pretty cake! You did a great job! And your niece is a beautiful bride!


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