Saturday, 19 June 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 6

As I travelled south after work with the wedding cakes, in boxes, within boxes, surrounded by towels to be secure and all lain on a duvet for cushioning to add to the suspension in my car, Creativity Bootcamp Day 6 was well underway.
I had had time to check the prompt for the day: FLUID and snap this shot:

Like clouds,
Watch, wait, stare, hope,gaze,
Come away with me,
Float, soft, fluffy,
Like candy floss,
No constraints,
Always unique,
Never seen before,
Original clouds,
Never the same.
I love you sky clouds.
Let me dream with you.
I'll come away with you anytime.
Let's do it.
Time to Dream.
Perchance to dream,
Breath Life.
My creative soul.

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