Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Not many pages turned.

I haven't turned that many pages this month, it seems, for TTPT (Turn the Page Tuesday). Sorry. Let me explain.
I have several books still on the go this month.
First, Live like you mean it, by Eric Delve.

We are reading it as a housegroup and are all finding it hard going. Bits we love: like encouraging us to face our giants in our own lives, the things that hinder us. Also, we love the stories surrounding david from the Bible. The boy who was the most unlikely, perhaps to be chosen. Fearless, trusting in God, he went for it. However, we are struggling to be inspired with the rest of it. I think we have all been expecting to be challenged more. Maybe we just need to challenge ourselves, to live like we mean it?
I am still reading this book: Gilead by Marilynne Robinson.

It is moving along slowly, perhaps too slowly.
Meanwhile, I have my head in these cake books.

Less than 2 weeks until my nieces wedding and I am baking and icing THE wedding cakes!
Please check out some great reads, from those who have actually read a book or two this month, other than a cake book, at TTPT.
Have fun and share what you have read too!


  1. You are a brave soul baking wedding cakes! I bet they will taste delicious!

    Happy reading (and baking) ;-)

  2. Congrats on the wedding! Those books look very yummy.

  3. Wedding cakes! Yikes! I would never tackle that one... be sure to post photos. Good for you for muddling thru your books.

  4. Oh those cake books look fab! Good luck on the wedding cake adventure! :) I know what you mean about slow books - I really had to push to get through The Happiness Project.

  5. Those cake books look fun. They should put you in a creative mood.

  6. Nothing wrong with reading a cake book or two. I've always dreamed of learing to make beautiful cakes like those, so those books are making me swoon!


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