Monday, 7 June 2010

Creative Bootcamp Day 1

So, the prompt for Day One of Creativity Bootcamp was the random word: "IVORY".
A few notes from my journalling, started with the the 2 given quotes:
" Art is the stored honey of the soul, gathered on the wings of misrey and travail." Theodore Dreiser.
" Wisdom begins in wonder. Be as you wish to seem." Socrates
I began thinking about the word honey: sweet, rich, golden, beautiful.
Reflecting on my own life with travail and misery and the contrast of honey. Life in all it's richness. Out of the hard times, something beautiful does come. Creativity stored, like treasure bursts forth from deep within.
Peace comes on the wings of a dove, I am treasure as God ses me and Ivory is delicate, beautiful, reminding me of this tresure within. The wonder of it all. The WOW factor.
For the creativity art work, I quickly gathered a few Ivory coloured favourite objects in my wee house and took a few photos, focussing on my composition. A bit like setting up still life to draw, I thought!
My favourite new Ivory/beige satin shoes, a Picasso print, a treasure jewellry bow that has ivory buttons on top, a set against my duvet: Ivory, without the covers on.

I then gathered a few Ivory pages from my scrapbook pages that I will use.

The ideas I have for my layout is this: I will print out the photos for my scrapbook page and do a huge word WOW in Ivory down the left hand side. I will add a honey bee and the words: who taught the honey bee to dance... going across the page and include my journal notes and the quotes.
Now on with Day 2


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your layout when you finish. Like your reference to the honey bee.

  2. Your different compositions with the shoes/print/purse are really fun. Great work.

  3. "reminding me of the treasure within..." LOVE that! so sweet. your layout sounds like it is going to be fabulous. and those are some fantastic shoes:):) xox...jenn


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