Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dance Opportunity

One of my church friends, Paul, is a professional Royal Ballet dancer who has put together this dance tour opportunity with his Dance Theatre company, Paul and Kieran dance Theatre. This is the dance promotion video called My Name Is at You Tube.
Check this out!
The focus is on raising awareness of addiction, the pitfalls, dangers and the sheer beauty of transformation in the dancing and individual lives when God comes and meets with us and we chose to respond to Him.
I loved the beauty in this video promotion that shines through.
What do you think?
The dancers are all recovering addicts themselves.
The Tour promotion will be in May 2010 in my home city and hopes to go on tour in the UK, probably from September 2010.
Interested in them coming to your town/city/school/college/youth event?
Spread the word.
Contact Paul and Kieran Dance Theatre.

week 4 for my 365

It has been another week where I could have taken photos of all the piles of filing at work tackled and still to do but there is more to life isn't there?
I have tried to bring my life back into more control this last week by beginning to do a few things in the evenings after work.
It has been a few wee steps for me and I still needed a few early nights and lots of TV watching to get to Friday in one piece!
How has your week been?
Here is a glimpse at mine this last week...
23/365 Saturday.
A great day to catch up with friends and play diaries!

24/365 Sunday.
A great afternoon with the girly chicks working on the banners and eating crumpets and chocolate bread!

25/365 Monday.
I went round to see my friend and she picked my brains! It was OK though, as she gave me chocolate.

26/365 Tuesday
I came home and had a bath. It was quite relaxing, until Tudur fell in!

27/365 Wednesday.
I had tea at my sister's and poor Tudur had to wait for his supper!

28/365 Thursday.
Emily made yummy cakes for the girly chicks!

29/365 Friday.
Watching the best movie for nostalgia factor!

30/365 Saturday.
Shopping with Tanya!

31/365 Sunday.
Snow and hail. Definitely a day for hat and scarf!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bitch and Stitch, Girly Chicks!

A rhyming phrase that seems to be the opposite to us girly cake chicks when we get together each week!
We love to chat, drink tea, eat cake, pray for each other and sometimes, yes, we do some stitching.
Other times we just end up in stitches!
Last year, our minister from the church we are part of asked my friend Abbie, if she could think of some wall hangings/banners to replace the existing artwork hanging at the front of our church. Abbie said she would ask me as I am creative. She is an artist and graphic designer so we had fun dreaming ideas and vision together for this exciting project.
The vision Abbie had was that Jesus takes and accepts us just as we are - a broken mess and puts us together with others, binds us together and creates something beautiful, reflecting His beauty.
He calls us His church, His pure and spotless Bride.
So, Abbie and I went shopping!
We got loads of fabric in all sorts of textures and colours and have had fun this last year working on them. We are making 2 banners, a few metres in length each.
Here are a few bits we have been working on so far:

We haven't done anything on it for a few months now because sometimes we are just too busy eating cake.

And now our minister has started asking, How are the banners coming along?
Good job we have Tudur around, to help keep us on track.

We decided that as it is the start of a new year, we ought to start work on them again and actually finish them.
We made these beautiful ribbon and material corsages on Thursday. Thanks to Jen who showed us! We made 8 and will add them to the top of the banners as part of the tabs to thread the banners through poles to hang them from.
aren't they great?

We had so much fun, that we did some more bitch n stitch n together on Sunday too.
(Whilst eating tea and crumpets and homemade chocolate bread too!)
Good times!

Friday, 22 January 2010

My 365 week 3

It has been a week of filing cabinets, setting up systems for admin and playing around with a timetable that I wish was made of elastic for me at work. I have now completed 2 full weeks and a snowy week in my new job. Almost 3 weeks in total and I am loving it!
I am still feeling that I am chasing my tail but friends and colleagues keep encouraging me to pace myself and not feel that it all has to be up done immediately. I brought some work home a couple of times, before blobbing on the sofa and then blissful sleep. Consequently, my 365 this week has seemed a creative challenge for me.
I could take a photo every day of a pile of files or the food I eat for my tea, or a photo of my porridge spilling over in the microwave as that seems to happen almost daily. I could take a photo of Tudur, or the TV.
So here is a creatively challenged week with photos 16-22:
Saturday 16/365 Tudur and I relaxed and watched TV. I also cleaned and went to the opticians.Sunday 17/365 I came downstairs to the smell of freshly baked bread!Monday 18/365 I brought some work home and Tudur played hide and seek in an empty bag!Tuesday 19/365 I heard the news that Cadbury is now owned by Kraft.Wednesday 20/365 My porridge didn't spill over in the microwave! Success!Thursday 21/365 Fabulous evening with the girly cake chicks. Jen made fabulous cake and we actually did a bit more work on the banners we are creating. Look out for my blog post on it this weekend!Friday 22/365 Phew for the weekend! I did my weekly shop but now my lovely newly acquired bread bin is empty again. I will need to make bread this weekend!

Will Cadbury Chocolate stay the same?

Probably my most favourite ever chocolate in the world is a humongous Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bar.
Melt in the mouth, yummy, pure chocolate, cubes of the stuff, purple wrapper - and of course, fair trade!
The news this week says that Cadbury's Chocolate company, based in Bourneville, Birmingham here in the UK is now owned by the company Kraft.
I really really really hope that they do not change anything about Cadbury's chocolate - especially dairy milk.
I ate some this week, to savour the momentous occasion,just in case they change it.
They better not.
I love Cadbury dairy milk chocolate.
Just the way it is.
At this moment in time and for this chocolate bar, I really do wish to resist change.
I might have to eat some more?

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Time to Flourish

On New Years Day I brought myself some flowers.
Not just any bunch of flowers.
These beautiful Lillies.

I got them for 2 very specific and different reasons.

Reason number 1)
Over this last year in my own personal prayer life, I have sensed God speak to me about the word FLOURISH. It is such a fabulous word, full of hope, possibilities, growth and opprotunities for new things.
I am choosing to have this word for this year 2010 and am praying about and actively looking for different ways I can apply it to my everyday life, like in my creativity, for example.
To Flourish in all I do has to be a good aim to work towards, doesn't it!

Reason 2)
I have begun looking into my own family history.
I am adopted and have always known this.
Last year, I discovered that my original given birth name was Susan - which means Lilly and to flourish!
I was telling one of my friends who was also adopted this story on new years day and she suggested that I should buy some lillies.
So I did.
I have loved watching them open out over these last 2 weeks into their full open bloom!

Another friend of mine, has one of those baby name meaning books with some suggested Bible verses to go with it:
Susan (origin: Hebrew)
Literal Meaning: Lily or Graceful Lily

Suggested Character Quality: Full of Grace

Suggested Lifetime Scripture Verse:
“For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows mercy and honor.
He holds back nothing good from those who walk uprightly.” – Psalm 84:11

So, that is my prayer for me since discovering this news - a part of my life that has now come into the open.
A part of my life that is now flourishing as it relishes in this discovery:
My prayer is that I will be full of grace - even though I am no ballet dancer and not very graceful - Thankfully, they are 2 very different things!
Also that I will FLOURISH in all that I do.

Aren't these lillies just gorgeous?
They smell wonderful too.
I wonder what your name means and what that means for you?

Friday, 15 January 2010

My 365 week 2

Here is my 365 for this week Monday to Friday. It has been my first full week at my new job, even though it is my 2nd week as we had 2 snow days last week. It has been a great week at work and my normal Luci life is reflected here...
On Monday, I re-arranged the stuff on all my worktops in my kitchen. I got a new bread bin on Saturday - and so had to move my microwave. Obviously.I really should have moved the microwave to a better place years ago! but I must have been waiting for my breadbin!Monday - 11/365

On Tuesday, I got a parcel! A late Christmas gift - I love parcels, so it was great to collect it from the post office! Exciting! In one of the boxes was a lovely garland - my friend Chris used orange slices and cloves, some material hearts and some salt dough stars that smell of cinnamon. I might have to hang it in the kitchen before next Christmas!Tuesday - 12/365

On Wednesday morning, my porridge went everywhere in the microwave!Wednesday - 13/365

On Thursday, I realised that I love my surprise gift of my chocolate fondue - and so does Abbie!Thursday - 14/365

On Friday I came home and noticed my beautiful Lillies that I brought on new years day have finally flourished really nicely!Friday - 15/365

The Gift Revealed - Yummy!

I promised that I would reveal the surprise Christmas gift that arrived from my friend Bethany who lives in the Cayman Islands. She sent the gift to me for the girly chicks and I have kept it HIDDEN....until last night.... so, now I can reveal to you what was in the box!

How fabulous is that!
Thursday night is our groovy girly chicks night and it was our first meeting after Christmas... yummy!
We used some of these things to help eat the chocolate fondue.

Thank you Bethany - we loved the excuse to eat lots of chocolate too!!!

We all find it very funny that Bethany sent us this - she really knows us well - and it is also bvery funny because when she lived over here in the UK she was studying in dit and nutritian!!!
It was all yummy, Bethany! Thank You.... such a generous and lovely surprise!
and to be honest....I can hardly wait to do it all over again....the sooner the better, really!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tails of Tudur!

I think Tudur liked his Christmas present...
I got him some treats - a packet of small biscuits - supposed to contain omega fish oil. I had been adding a couple each day to his food.
I knew he liked them...
but hadn't quite realised how much...
he climbed into the cupboard...

knocked them down...

he found them...and ate the rest!!!

He nicked my seat!!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snowy Art

Here is my artwork for Make some Art Monday!

Yes I know it is Tuesday, but yesterdays plan was waaaaay tooo complicated to get finished. I wanted to do a collage, but it was too fiddly to cut out with the scissors... so I ended up doing it as a pen and ink. Done. Simple. Satisfied. Aah.
I was inspired by the starck contrasts of the wintry trees in my local park and the crunchy almost perfect snow.

Thought that I really should capture the memory of our 2 snow days in this last week in some art.
I love the art by Klimt and particularly his tree of life painting, so did my artwork inspired by this:

I hope you like my make some art monday piece for my snowy art.
You can see some more art over at chrissies blog here.
Thanks Chrissie for your inspiration to help me grow in being in touch with my creative side.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

A cold and snowy weekend!

A snowy and cold weekend!
It was back to work on Friday for me.
My friends turned up for the weekend with this card for me - a hallmark card from their "what the butler saw" series. I took a photo of it to share it with you for my 8/365 photo. I think they thought it was rather a shame that I had to be in work on Friday as they had no snow at the time, where they live and therefore had a very easy drive here.

It had been a scary journey to work for me in minus 11 temperature degrees C.
On the cold-o-meter that is very cold.
Someone didn't judge their stopping distance on the way out of a side street and nearly slid out into me!
Thankfully I swerved into the middle lane and the driver behind me managed to miss us both!
I was very pleased to get to work safe and I am very glad to be home now - and to spend some time with my friends Claire and Jeremy this weekend!
A weekend of relaxing, getting up late, coffee, croissants, shop til we drop,a lovely meal out to celebrate Claire's birthday, lots of time for chatting and laughter and dvds on the sofa.
my 9/365 Happy Birthday Claire!

It has been an almost purrfect weekend - as poor Claire increasingly became more allergic to Tudur. Oops.
It has been a bit of a burrfect weekend too - as it has been very very cold outside.
It still looks a beautiful winter wonderland, outside though, doesn't it?
my 10/365 photo

They say more snow to follow and more brr temperatures.