Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bitch and Stitch, Girly Chicks!

A rhyming phrase that seems to be the opposite to us girly cake chicks when we get together each week!
We love to chat, drink tea, eat cake, pray for each other and sometimes, yes, we do some stitching.
Other times we just end up in stitches!
Last year, our minister from the church we are part of asked my friend Abbie, if she could think of some wall hangings/banners to replace the existing artwork hanging at the front of our church. Abbie said she would ask me as I am creative. She is an artist and graphic designer so we had fun dreaming ideas and vision together for this exciting project.
The vision Abbie had was that Jesus takes and accepts us just as we are - a broken mess and puts us together with others, binds us together and creates something beautiful, reflecting His beauty.
He calls us His church, His pure and spotless Bride.
So, Abbie and I went shopping!
We got loads of fabric in all sorts of textures and colours and have had fun this last year working on them. We are making 2 banners, a few metres in length each.
Here are a few bits we have been working on so far:

We haven't done anything on it for a few months now because sometimes we are just too busy eating cake.

And now our minister has started asking, How are the banners coming along?
Good job we have Tudur around, to help keep us on track.

We decided that as it is the start of a new year, we ought to start work on them again and actually finish them.
We made these beautiful ribbon and material corsages on Thursday. Thanks to Jen who showed us! We made 8 and will add them to the top of the banners as part of the tabs to thread the banners through poles to hang them from.
aren't they great?

We had so much fun, that we did some more bitch n stitch n together on Sunday too.
(Whilst eating tea and crumpets and homemade chocolate bread too!)
Good times!

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