Sunday, 10 January 2010

A cold and snowy weekend!

A snowy and cold weekend!
It was back to work on Friday for me.
My friends turned up for the weekend with this card for me - a hallmark card from their "what the butler saw" series. I took a photo of it to share it with you for my 8/365 photo. I think they thought it was rather a shame that I had to be in work on Friday as they had no snow at the time, where they live and therefore had a very easy drive here.

It had been a scary journey to work for me in minus 11 temperature degrees C.
On the cold-o-meter that is very cold.
Someone didn't judge their stopping distance on the way out of a side street and nearly slid out into me!
Thankfully I swerved into the middle lane and the driver behind me managed to miss us both!
I was very pleased to get to work safe and I am very glad to be home now - and to spend some time with my friends Claire and Jeremy this weekend!
A weekend of relaxing, getting up late, coffee, croissants, shop til we drop,a lovely meal out to celebrate Claire's birthday, lots of time for chatting and laughter and dvds on the sofa.
my 9/365 Happy Birthday Claire!

It has been an almost purrfect weekend - as poor Claire increasingly became more allergic to Tudur. Oops.
It has been a bit of a burrfect weekend too - as it has been very very cold outside.
It still looks a beautiful winter wonderland, outside though, doesn't it?
my 10/365 photo

They say more snow to follow and more brr temperatures.


  1. It's snowy here too! I hate the cold weather! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you try the potato's soo yummy! Also, I love you pink blog background! It's super cute! Have a great day!

  2. It's funny we long for the snow but soon want it gone again! Best wishes for the New Year dear Luci hope you are fine! xx


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