Friday, 15 January 2010

The Gift Revealed - Yummy!

I promised that I would reveal the surprise Christmas gift that arrived from my friend Bethany who lives in the Cayman Islands. She sent the gift to me for the girly chicks and I have kept it HIDDEN....until last night.... so, now I can reveal to you what was in the box!

How fabulous is that!
Thursday night is our groovy girly chicks night and it was our first meeting after Christmas... yummy!
We used some of these things to help eat the chocolate fondue.

Thank you Bethany - we loved the excuse to eat lots of chocolate too!!!

We all find it very funny that Bethany sent us this - she really knows us well - and it is also bvery funny because when she lived over here in the UK she was studying in dit and nutritian!!!
It was all yummy, Bethany! Thank You.... such a generous and lovely surprise!
and to be honest....I can hardly wait to do it all over again....the sooner the better, really!

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