Sunday, 3 January 2010

Reflections and Inspirations

This is my photo for day 3 of 365. A day for time to reflect and Inspire. Enjoy.
I have been looking back over my journal and reflecting on some of the wonderful things that has happened in 2009 and how the Lord has been so faithful to me.

It helps to reflect on 2009 as I look forward to 2010 and some of the ways I might FLOURISH in 2010.
I hope these 9 Reflections from 2009 inspire you too.

1. I started the year with 2 bugs that led into post viral fatigue which lasted for months and I have had to pace myself all year - and yet, I thank God for such amazing times of rest and some things he taught me whilst snuggled under a duvet. He reminded me of how I am safe with Him, loved and accepted and how rest is part of God giving us a chance to get our breath back - as it says in the message Bible in Psalm 23 - and then He sets me in the right direction. Yippee!

2. Last year, the Lord gave me the word CHANGE. I had been busy doing lots of voluntary work over the years, being involved with pioneering and developing some work with Special Needs for children and young people and their families at some national events here in the UK. I sensed the word change I felt it was time to pass on the baton for 2009. The scripture that colleagues had for me was - Isaiah 54 - which really is about change and enlarging and thinking Big!

3. This word ENLARGE and think big had me begin to ask God to help me apply it to all spheres of my life. Life was quite different with post viral fatigue and with no planned or specific ministry in 2009 it really was a year for laying things down and having time and space. I began to dream dreams for some of the things in my life that have been hidden and pushed to one side in my life. A time to look at my creativity, time to begin to de-clutter, tidy, dream, plan, prepare. I wrote my list too of things to do in this next year before my next birthday - and called it my wish upon a star list.

4. I have had it on my heart to write some things down for a while over the last few years but it hasn't really been much of a year for productivity, more a time of being. I was desperate for some creative outlet, though, so I began blogging! A way of bringing to re-birth, fanning into flame some of my CREATIVITY. A friend at church gave me this verse from Timothy, as she had been praying for me - fan into flame the gifts that God has given was a timely and significant verse of encouragement. I have so loved joining bloggy land! I have so loved connecting with Make some art Mondays, Turn the page Tuesdays and gaining fresh inspiration and fun and finding some great new friends in bloggy land. Thank you Rachel at myslightlycrazyworld for a lovely day spent with you, playing pass the baby to start my blog here at creative tails.

5.It has been a time when God has proved himself faithful and the God who cares deeply about the details in my life. I was in touch with a guy for a few months and hoped it might lead somewhere. I wasn't sure if it was leading anywhere, except up a dead end alley, so I and my girly cake chick friends prayed and asked God to honour a deadline day. He did and it was great to know the TRUTH and for the truth to set me free! He is such an awesome God and a time of experiencing the kindness of God. When God speaks, release comes. Isaiah 45 v 3.

6. Also, I have been on a job search as my hours were reduced and I needed to find full time work as part time work wasn't a long term viable option. It was a hard search at times, seemingly relentless and almost soul destroying journey. I asked God if something could please be just dropped in my lap. I shouldn't have been surprised when a few weeks ago it did just that but I was! It reminded me of the WAIT and the NOW. The wait can seem like forever but, in God's time, when God says now it happens in an instant.

7. It has been a great year for quality TIME with friends and family and with God too. Practising hospitality, friends coming round and sitting on the sofa when I have been tired and spending time with me. Friends have come and stayed here, rather than me travelling to see them and each and every visit has been a blessing. Lots of time to pray and think, to journal and to ask God more of what this word change means for me. Psalm 84 and Song of Solomon 2 v 4 has been great ones!

8. A great family holiday, a few parties to dress up posh and wear my lovely pink and red shoes that carry the label GORGEOUS, time to begin to look at some of my family history and roots and DISCOVER new things. FASCINATING. My NEW kitten Tudur arrived - his Welsh name means divine gift and he really is!

9.It has been a year of REFRESHING in ways that have taken me out of my comfort zone. I read this - Exodus 2 v 15. to be sat down at the well (refreshing) is a desert experience. God lovingly draws us apart for a season and strips us of our busyness and our ability to operate in our strengths. He has not abandoned us and he is not judging us. These are precious things when we listen with a new intensity. We can recognise anew our dependency on Him and our intimacy with Him is deepened.
"In the desert He found him in a barren and howling waste. He shielded him and cared for him. He guarded him as the apple of His eye. The Lord alone led Him."

It has been my special 1:1 support time with God this last year. I will take these 9 truths from 2009 with me into 2010... and looking forward to FLOURISH very much indeed.


  1. I try and read each of your blogs, and as you're blogging each day now, I have to remind myself to log on before bedtime! This last year has been similar in many ways for us ... and reading this blog, its as if you're speaking from my heart ... bless you for your openness and for sharing so deeply. You, and your creativity continue to be an inspiration to me. I thank the Lord for who you are in Him, and for who you are to me. Love u lots xxx


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