Monday, 16 November 2009

Remember to be thankful for Lists!

I have mixed feelings when it comes to lists. As a child, my Mum would write lists for everything. She would send me shopping with a list. Sometimes the list would read:butter. I never knew if the list was for me of for her and never felt that I should ask. Now I make lists often because I have soooo many things to do and am worried that I might forget something. The list usually seems so overwhelming! However, my favourite part is when I cross things off!
As part of Make Some Art Monday that I am doing, Chrissie is asking us to join in the blog fun by compiling a list of things to do before our next birthday.... that is the number of items corresponding to the number in years you will be next year!
That is 46 things!
My head has been spinning with ideas, fun things and all the actual things I really need to do.
I added a few things in for fun too!
This week, with a little help from Tudur, I made my list and my art:

This is My Wish Upon A Star Artwork: covered in 46 post it notes! I will peel them off as I complete each thing, to reveal the stars and some words of affirmation hidden underneath!

My 46 things for Luci to do(before my next Birthday)... my own Wish Upon A Star list
(I need lots of Fairy Dust!)

I have made a start on the list of 46 things, since my birthday was at the beginning of October :-)

1. Visit hummingbird bakery
I would love to see and taste these amazing cakes in one of their stores.

2. Sort out photos for scrapbooking.
The last few years photos are in a huge box in a mess.

3. Sort stuff in Trunk. Big mess.

4. Memory Box
My own keepsakes, need sorting through since they came out of storage.

5. Start Scrapbooking - Done! (started on Saturday. I had such fun!) :-)

6. Paint Bathroom

7. Sort and throw out old statements
I only need to keep the last 5 years.

8. Increase my working hours - Done! (was offered and accepted another part time job temporary on Friday!) I start in 2 weeks time. yippee! :-)

9. Find new and fulfilling job.
Need to find something new, as current jobs are temporary contracts.

10. Start A Blog - Done! (started in October and loving it!) :-)

11. Mum and Dad Artwork.
I have a selection of some of my parents artwork. It is in a pile of sketchbooks and pieces, which i want to put together in one memory book of the artwork I have.

12. Make blind for Kitchen.

13. Tidy paperwork on desk.
I have "adopted" my Dad's stack system: piles of paperwork.
Have realised that piles = mess. Need to have order on my desk.

14.Sort Teaching box into files and chuck out the unwanted paper for recycling.

15.Investigate loft/attic conversion.
Next door have done it, but need to find out building regulations, cost, planning permission, staircase, window, architect, builder etc. I would love a separate workroom / office space.

16. Make some leaf Art.
Need to hurry to do this, before all the leaves turn to slush with all the rain we keep having here.

17. Do a course.

18. Visit friends in Scotland.

19. Write child/youth curriculum.
Started this pre-teen curriculum years ago, when I was in YWAM, but would love to continue it, with the next 2 booklets.

20. Scrapbook existing photos.
Old albums done with the old peel adhessive, which are falling to pieces.

21. Put nice photos in photo frames.

22. Wear a nice dress to a nice occassion.

23. Start swimming again.
havent been this year as had post viral fatigue. I miss it.

24. Girly Shopping Day in a lovely city.

25. Jump in some Puddles. (in my wellies)

26. Get a dog. (maybe)

27. Eat in a lovely Restaurant.

28. Discover more about my family roots.

29. Sort, recycle, file child and youth box of stuff.

30. Go for a picnic - at the zoo!

31. Go and see a play.

32. Go and see some live music.

33. Write messy church Stuff down, maybe as a blog?
Need to chat with minister and see how is best to pas on the creative ways we have been doing all age services each month.

34. New Relationships.

35. Travel somewhere on a plane.

36. Write down storytelling/circle time stuff done in the last few years and is in notes.

37. Ditch Denby and buy new china I like. Done! Sent old denby to china search last month and new stuff arrived today! Joy! :-)

38. Holiday

39. Sort through Memorabilia of Mum and Dad.
Need to do this with my sister. It is a work in progress.

40. Play in the snow

41. Have a Spa Day - facial, nails - relax.

42. Direction for this new season.
Last year, the Lord said to me change. I am praying about what is next for me.

43. Have a Massage.

44. Explore possibilities - the word the lord gave me was enlarge - house, ministry, friends, family... what does this mean for me and how.

45. 6 x boxes of Junk. Clear out, throw out, give away, keep a little.

46. New system for craft stuff. Tidy and organise, or I can't find what I need/want.

Now to tackle the other 42 things on the list....


  1. I'll come swimming with you if you want.

  2. it is such a great idea!!!! love your list and i need to get busy making one of my own. i just adore that tudur helped you with your project. what a sweet pea:):):) happy week luci! xox...jenn

  3. Wow, you already have 4 done! Great list. I really love how you have the stars underneath and the post it clever!!


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