Monday, 9 November 2009

Remember to be thankful for Monday!

So, over the weekend I found a new and inspiring blog - in His Grace - Chrissie is asking others who are arty and creative, or who would like to have a go at finding and developing their creative gifts to join her in "Make some Art Monday!" series. It looked really fun, with some amazing and creative people already taking part. Some seem to be professional!
It started a few weeks ago, it seems, so I am a bit behind! She has given people ideas for what to do each week or just to do anything you like. People then send a link to their blogs with their art for the week I haven't done much art at all for ages, but have often thought of getting my creative arty farty creative juices going again, especially after being ill with post viral fatigue - but it has taken me a while to get my energy levels and inspiration to connect!
Thanks, Chrissie, for your blog and for the inspiration to join in.
The theme for this week, is artists. Well, I had my idea of what I wanted to do first, which was Poppies because they are quite close to my heart as it is Remembrance week this week, so I then found an artist who painted poppies - Lexi Sundell, who has done some amazing poppies - and found lots of further inspiration for my own poppies creation for today.

I did a wax relief watercolour wash as a background and then had fun painting some poppies with acrylic paint and made some out of paper, a mixture of crepe paper and coloured glittery card that I tore out. I stuck these on to the watercolour background and then stuck on black buttons for the funky centres. So,join us on a Monday and make some art!
Look at Chrissie's blog for details and let me know how you get on!
I have really enjoyed it, especially after going to an interview today!
Thank you Chrissie!


  1. Beautiful Poppies!! Just beautiful and happy!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Mama Holli

  2. thank you mama Holli for your joyful comment, you have made me smile :-) Poppies are very joyful and graceful, aren't they!

  3. Wow Luci, this is so pretty.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I didn't create any art this week since I've been sick, but next week I'll join in again too! Look forward to getting to know you! And hope you continue to participate! Have a great week!

  5. I do love your poppies. They are gorgeous. I just came here from Chrissie Grace's blog. It is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your great artwork.


  6. woohoo!! good for you luci! your poppies are so lovely...thanks for sharing with us! chrissie is such a fabulous gal, isn't she!?!! have a beautiful week:) xox...jenn

  7. Wow! Thank you all for your encouraging words, they mean so much. It is quite a vulnerable thing posting my creation on my blog - and chrissies, but it has really blessed me to read these comments!
    Thank you!

  8. wow that's brill Luci! You are one tres talented laydee!


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