Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Remember to be thankful for friends and neighbours

Today I went to see my friend Fiona. We drank tea and laughed and talked and talked about our lives, memories, lists, things that break frustratingly(she has quite a list and my washing machine is now broken),men, art, family, church, God. She generously shared her chocolate cake with me too. She is an amazingly creative and talented artist, amongst other things. I have known her and her family for ages, as we grew up in the same town, we both moved away and now we live close by again. One of the things to be thankful for less hours work in my week at the mo is time to be with friends. I am really enjoying re-connecting with Fiona now we live close by again.
If you are in the UK, Fiona is showing some of her work as part of an exhibition 21st November - 24th from 10am-4pm at Styal Lodge.
You can see Fiona's work here
Then my lovely new neighbour, Mel, called round to cut my hair! (Don't worry, she is a hairdresser!) She is also a diamond, because she is very funny and friendly. She called me last week, when my house alarm was going off... Tudur!!!!
It really was very noisy! I heard it halfway down the road. The kitten was very subdued when he appeared from behind the door. He slowly wandered off for a while, no doubt with his ears ringing!
When he returned, he was very purry and pleased! At least I now know my house alarm works! I guess that makes Tudur a cat burglar!
Earlier today.... Tudur brought in his first mouse. I was sitting having my "quiet" time, waking up and he ran in very excited. Then I realised what he had brought in!
The mouse, Tudur and I all ran around for a while!
Later, I un-packed the new china that arrived yesterday, with the money I got for selling my old Denby to china search. I was very excited! one plate is smashed, so I called the store (John Lewis)and they are sending a new plate out to me :-) Tudur, like any youngster, was far more interested in the box!
Thanks, Fiona and Mel and thanks Tudur for your well meant gift!

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