Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Remember to be thankful for quality time

I wonder what your language of love is? If you have no idea what I am on about, then maybe check out Gary Chapman - he has written several books about this topic, the 5 Love Languages, where he helps people work out their primary Love Languages - the Languages we speak - to give and receive love.
There are 5 love languages - gifts, words of affirmation, touch, quality time, acts of service.
I wonder which language of love you speak?
One of my Love Languages is Quality Time. I love spending time with my friends.
It is quite the week for it, so I am loving it! :-)
My friend Louise came to stay last week. She is very creative with writing words amongst other lovely gifts she has. She was one of our groovy girlie cake chicks last year, but has sadly moved away. She came to stay last week and it was lovely to spend some time with her and to have her visit the girlie chicks too.
This week sees the return of another girlie chick, Ruth, who arrived today. We shared some laughs and a cuppa, before walking into town to go for coffee and cake!
One of my very favourite things to do.
Tonight we are going round to visit one of the other girlie chicks, Abbie! She is fab and very very creative too as well as being a lovely and gracious person to be around. She has recently moved house from a tiny flat, so Ruth can't wait to see how the house is taking shape.
She loved it :-)

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