Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Remember to be thankful for shopping days!

I went shopping with Ruth today! I work part time, currently, so after I finished work I met up with Ruth and we went on the train to the shops!
I was treated to lunch and my train ticket, as she said I was blessing her with a place to stay this week!
I bought a very girlie and pretty new handbag!
Guess which colour it is?
We had coffee too.
I had the cheque from china search arrive last week for my old dinner set, so I bought some new plates and the all important butter dish with a lid.
Tudur loves butter and gets it whenever he can, so a butter dish with a lid is an absolute must in this household!
I got the plates from john Lewis and they are delivering it to me in a few days time as we both thought that carrying new plates on a train might be too much of a smashing time for our shopping day.
We slept on the train journey home.
A wonderful day.I love shopping! Job interview tomorrow... Here is what I bought...
Did you guess right?

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