Friday, 6 November 2009

Remember to be thankful for gracious giggles!

So, I did my first attempt at piping icing... well, I cut a hole in a plastic bag!
The idea, of course was to make some fantastically artistically created cupcakes.
I did the first cake. it was supposed to be a heart shape, but the snip I made with the scissors was huge, so the icing heart came out as a rather large blob.
I then re-did a plastic bag, but then my skills of trailing the icing all over the cupcakes became quite the challenge for me.It really was a sight to behold.
I think I need to do this many many more times to get them looking anything like the pictures in the magic cupcake book I had as my inspiration.
then the groovy girly cake chicks arrived.
The moment of truth had come.
They said wow and giggled and then played the guess the shape Luci was trying to do. They were full of gracious giggles, it has to be said.
They chose the best, the hearts, flowers and stars and then decided that the rest all looked rather like fireworks.Firework cupcakes they are then.
They liked the purple icing and the gold I used.
The verdict was: Delicious.
I love my gracious giggling friends!

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