Monday, 29 November 2010

Santa Cake

I made this really cute Santa Christmas Cake.
This weekend.
Very proud.
Chocolate cake.
Life is hard.
I have to give my really cute and very proud of my Santa Chocolate Cake away.
Yes, give the cake away.
Yes, true.
It had to be done.
That was the deal.

I took him to work today, ready for the guess the weight of the cake competition this week.
I left him on the table in the staff room with a LARGE note which read:

Santa Christmas Cake:
Please Look
do NOT touch.
do NOT eat.
(he is for the guess the weight of the cake competition for our Christmas Fayre)

So far, he is still intact.
A miracle in itself.
I now need to make one more for me and one for my work colleagues...
(which is my cure for my heartbreak of having to give away my really cute Santa Christmas Chocolate cake)
What would your cure be?

Maybe.... I could enter the guess the weight of my really cute Santa Christmas Chocolate cake and win him back???

Advent Sunday and beyond

So it is here, Advent,to my surprise and maybe to you to? Advent Sunday before December 1st. I always think of it as being the 1st December with the mad dash for the window and the chocolates.
A time of waiting and expectation, I heard at church.
Recently on TV there was a documentary programme on 5 people embarking on a faith journey called the big silence. 5 people went on a 8 day silent retreat.
It was fascinating to watch as I saw a little of it. One guy said he heard God speak to Him and say:I've always been here,it is just that you haven't been listening. Powerful stuff.Powerful answers for the powerful questions.
The question is: will we wait?
Will we have the wait of silence, the pregnant pause before delivery at this time of advent?

The wait.
The silence.
The breakthrough moment.

The challenge given yesterday was to have a time of silence (for a period of time) waiting each day during advent.In the big Silence programme it was 20 minutes a day after they got home from retreat.

The rules?
TV off.
Phone off.
Radio off.
No talking.
No giggling.
Sit or be somewhere comfy.
The waiting.
Waiting in expectation.
Eager expectation.
I wonder what will happen?
If we dare to be empty handed, and hold on a wait,what gift we will receive?

A bit like waiting for Christmas, really.
At least, I think this is how it is meant to be.

Anyone else in for a bit of eager expectation at this time of advent?
I am.

I will keep you posted.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Half Term week of 365

Sunday 297/365Trying to get a photo of the new baby was almost impossible with the rest of them clambering all over me!

Monday 298/365 THEY all came round to see me and SHE found MY shoes.

Tuesday 299/365Christmas shopping! (All hidden of course!)

Wednesday 300/365 Christmas creative sewing day... but sshhh it is a secret, of course!

Thursday 301/365 Surprise!

Friday 302/365 A visit to the Hummingbird Bakery!

Saturday 303/365 The Michelin Tyres Car Garage, now an Oyster bar.

It's nearly Half Term 365

Yippee. The end is in sight.
Sunday 290/365 Such a fun weekend, even Natalie's chickens seemed to love having us all to stay.

Monday 291/365

Tuesday 292/365

Wednesday 293/365 Art Club

Thursday 294/365 We can't believe you said no to staying Kat!

Friday 295/365 Let half term begin!

Saturday 296/365 I really giggled at this card!

mid October 365

A busy week and then a fun weekend away with friends
Sunday 283/365 The Learn Something New page done with a shopping list!

Monday 284/365 Let's see if my ever changing timetable works this coming week.

Tuesday 285/365

Wednesday 286/365 Art Club!

Thursday 287/365 Kat we love you and wish that you would comeback here forever!

Friday 288/365 Zoe's amazing cake designed as a game of Settlers of Cattan!

Saturday 289/365 pumpkin grown by Natalie and Jono and soup made by Jono.YUM!

Birthday week 365

Very excited that it will be my birthday this week in October!
Sunday 276/365 A day to relax and be creative with more tales from Learn Something New.

Monday 277/365

Tuesday 278/365 another page on Learn Something New done!

Wednesday 279/365 Yippee Jacob has arrived!

Thursday 280/365 Curry Night!

Friday 281/365 there is even some cake left!

Saturday 282/365 lovely cards amd celebrating!

End of September for 365

Sunday 269/365 Admiring yesterday's purchases

Monday 270/365 not impressed with 7pm

Tuesday 271/365 some more scrapbooking my learn something new

Wednesday 272/365moreof learn something new

Thursday 273/365 housegroup

Friday 274/365 The beginning of October! Time to start our housegroup book.

Saturday 275/365 rocky roadto share next week!

September 365 catch up

Sunday 262/365 Quiet Time

Monday 263/365 Relax

Tuesday 264/365 Waiting for the phone to ring

Wednesday 265/365 Announcing....

Thursday 266/365 The next page to my Learn Something New

Friday 267/365 Weekend! Movie night to relax.

Saturday 268/365 A new baby card purchase