Monday, 29 November 2010

Advent Sunday and beyond

So it is here, Advent,to my surprise and maybe to you to? Advent Sunday before December 1st. I always think of it as being the 1st December with the mad dash for the window and the chocolates.
A time of waiting and expectation, I heard at church.
Recently on TV there was a documentary programme on 5 people embarking on a faith journey called the big silence. 5 people went on a 8 day silent retreat.
It was fascinating to watch as I saw a little of it. One guy said he heard God speak to Him and say:I've always been here,it is just that you haven't been listening. Powerful stuff.Powerful answers for the powerful questions.
The question is: will we wait?
Will we have the wait of silence, the pregnant pause before delivery at this time of advent?

The wait.
The silence.
The breakthrough moment.

The challenge given yesterday was to have a time of silence (for a period of time) waiting each day during advent.In the big Silence programme it was 20 minutes a day after they got home from retreat.

The rules?
TV off.
Phone off.
Radio off.
No talking.
No giggling.
Sit or be somewhere comfy.
The waiting.
Waiting in expectation.
Eager expectation.
I wonder what will happen?
If we dare to be empty handed, and hold on a wait,what gift we will receive?

A bit like waiting for Christmas, really.
At least, I think this is how it is meant to be.

Anyone else in for a bit of eager expectation at this time of advent?
I am.

I will keep you posted.

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