Tuesday, 21 December 2010

All wrapped up

I wore hat, scarf, gloves, woolly coat and ventured outdoors to post the last few lovely gifts to send to my lovely friends and family, this Christmastime.

colourful ribbons, colourful paper, brown paper... the choices are endless.
I chose burgundy red paper and rich purple ribbon,gold ribbon, tartan ribbon, brown dotty ribbon and turquoise ribbons.
For gold wrappings I chose red and white ribbons and tied them all in bows.
I also chose brown paper and some lovely red and silver dotty wide ribbon for some boxes that needed wrapping. Gorgeous.
Are you all wrapped up yet?

Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Bunting

I have been making some Christmas Bunting.
So colourful.
So easy!
I cut out 2 or as many as you wish triangles in 5 or as many as you like of different fabrics as you like. Cottons work well, but I also threw in some velvet in a rich brown and some satin lime green 2 tone fabric for some extra sparkly.
I used red and green gingham, red tartan, burgundy cotton, lime green satin, rich brown velvety velore.
I cut my fabric with pinking sheers so that it doesn't fray at all, which makes the bunting making even easier!
My triangles measured about 12 inches across and I did several metres in length.
I pinned each triangle piece along a couple of metres of ribbon.I left about 10 inches at the beginning and ending of my bunting, so there will be enough to hang it from once it is done.I used 2 inch wide ribbon so that once i had sewn all the way along, I could then fold it over and then re-sew the triangles again to finish the bunting off.
You can make any kind of bunting :-)
Have fun.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Secret Santa Creative Gifts

So for months we have been thinking, planning, making our secret Santa creations for our Christmas gifts to us 5 girly friends.
It has been so exciting and such fun to give as well as receive.

The Rules were:
1.It had to be secret.
2.The gift had to be handmade

So, months later, the moment of truth revealed:
The gifts all wrapped up...

I got these amazing napkins in funky green and green dots fabric.
They came with these beautiful napkin rings, made with metal wire, beads, buttons and sequins in funky white,silver, pink and orange. Perfect for my Christmas table!

Emily got this amazing knitted handbag! Isn't it gorgeous!

I gave Abbie a picture frame that I painted green and added dotty ribbon in red and then stuck on some buttons from my lifelong collection of buttons from my Gran and Mum and now my stash. The bag for life i made came with a pouch to keep it in folded in the bottom of your handbag and I made it with lightweight plastic coated showerproof fabric,in funky retro fabric that I found. I used one of my bags as a template.

Jen got the most amazingly huge basket of handmade chocolate truffles.yum.

and this beautifully threaded button necklace.

Rachel was really delighted with her line drawing of her children.

Well done, everyone. Thank you for my gifts and enjoy.
If you want to make some gifts and are stuck for ideas, these are great and all handmade.
Have fun.
Happy Creative Christmas!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Advent Journeys and Gifts

I promised to update you of my journey this advent time of the idea and challenge of silence.
It is tough.
silence is golden....hard to find....
priceless though when it is discovered....and treasured.
My Advent journey had me reflecting on Mary's song.
The Eager Expectation, the waiting, the pregnant pause.
I have so often felt during these last few months empty handed and struggled with that feeling.
empty handed and yet,the almost silent whisper of hope...the realisation that if I am empty handed, then I am then ready to receive.
I love this verse from Mary's Song:
the promise in Luke 1 verse 53:
He has filled the hungry with good things.
I have hope, empty hands open,ready to receive the gift from Him.
Whatever it is.
My gift.
Uniquely wrapped for me.
The joy of waiting is here.
I am finally delighted I am temporarily empty handed.
Are you?

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Reindeer Food for Christmas Eve

Have you ever made reindeer food for those busy reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh?
We made some at the Christmas Fayre this week.

Glitter and sparkle everywhere, porridge, sugar and seeds.

Make a wish and tie it with ribbon and the lovely reindeer food poem I found for a truly Magical Christmas time.
Here is the link I found to help me with our Reindeer food that we have been busy making at our Christmas Fayre.
We had lots of fun.
Please note:
It is recommended that glitter used is only the edible type (or just use seeds and multicoloured sugar sprinkles)if you are going to put the Reindeer foodon your garden outside.
Try it!
Magical for children and adults alike.