Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Bunting

I have been making some Christmas Bunting.
So colourful.
So easy!
I cut out 2 or as many as you wish triangles in 5 or as many as you like of different fabrics as you like. Cottons work well, but I also threw in some velvet in a rich brown and some satin lime green 2 tone fabric for some extra sparkly.
I used red and green gingham, red tartan, burgundy cotton, lime green satin, rich brown velvety velore.
I cut my fabric with pinking sheers so that it doesn't fray at all, which makes the bunting making even easier!
My triangles measured about 12 inches across and I did several metres in length.
I pinned each triangle piece along a couple of metres of ribbon.I left about 10 inches at the beginning and ending of my bunting, so there will be enough to hang it from once it is done.I used 2 inch wide ribbon so that once i had sewn all the way along, I could then fold it over and then re-sew the triangles again to finish the bunting off.
You can make any kind of bunting :-)
Have fun.

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