Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Sunday Creative Reflections on a Tuesday

Sitting on the sofa, a blob day, time to relax, re-energize before returning to work tomorrow. Yikes!
Summer reflections are full in my head and somehow making their journey from head to heart as I process what I have done and loved and learned and anticipate what is next in my Luci journey....
Sunday Creative is a fabulous blogpost tobe inspired and what better word prompt for me for this next week.... ILLUMINATE.
God, illuminate my path.
I sooo loved visiting Anglesey, a tiny island off North Wales,UK this summer and loved watching the beginnings of the sun setting.
Fishermen and sailors returning home.
rock pools, sand, gulls,

and have a look at other inspiring photos around the word ILLUMINATE this week!
I really fellin love with this place. My trip was waay too short.
I really wantto go back again to unwind all over again.
Can you blame me?

Week 5 of summer 365

Another funfilled week with friends, sightseeing and a seeing a bit more of the beauty of Wales. The sun even shone in Wales!
Sunday 234/365 A beautiful day to see "Pemberley" otherwise known as Lymme Park,where Mr.Darcy meets Elizabeth Bennett in the lovely BBC version of "Pride and Prejudice",the classic novel by Jane Austen.

Monday 235/365 Can you believe that I actually found a cafe that does "All Day Afternoon Tea"???

Tuesday 236/365 Scrapping with my online purchases before my holiday begins with a spa.

Wednesday 237/365 Anglesey, North Wales is truly beautiful.

Thursday 238/365 Penryn Castle, North Wales.

Friday 239/365 Bodnant Gardens, North Wales.

Saturday 240/365 Retail Therapy.... in the pouring pouring rain.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Week 4 of the summer for 365

The summer is flying by and it has been another week for family and friends and some fun craftiness.
Sunday 227/365 Friends leave and time to relax with this fabulous movie. The book is better,I think, though.

Monday 228/365 Some scrap booking time. Bliss.

Tuesday 229/365 2 in 1.

Wednesday 230/365 A fun family day at the zoo,mostly in the rain.

Thursday 231/365 I enjoyed using this lovely paper for some more scrap booking.

Friday 232/365 Finding another Rhino. This one at the boat museum.

Saturday 233/365 Ooooh. My first online scrapbook order arrives. Just time to do a bit of scrapping before friends arrive for lunch!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Week 3 of the summer for 365

Another great week of being productive, seeing friends and relaxing.
Sunday 220/365 such a great movie!

Monday 221/365 A bit of moving things around

Tuesday 222/365 A bit of tidying

Wednesday 223/365 A bit of sorting memories

Thursday 224/365 Whoever says there is no such thing as a free lunch is lying.

Friday 225/365 Friends arrive for the weekend!

Saturday 226/365 rather nice wine in a rather nice restaurant with rather nice friends.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Fun filled 2nd week of the Summer Hols for 365

Busy and fun describes this week!
Sunday 213/365 and it is August already! A bit of a chill day and wandering to find some more rhino.

Monday 214/365 off to see family for a few days. I loved the school ties hanging, waiting in anticipation for September.

Tuesday 215/365 A fun filled day included a trip to a nature centre. I loved these Lemur.

Wednesday 216/365 Squeezed these in on the way home!

Thursday 217/365 Family time continues with family arrived from USA. I have some competition here, with their cake baking skills.

Friday 218/365 More tidying.

Saturday 219/365 Some days this just has to be done!

Lovin' the holidays. More of the same next week I think.

the First full week of the Holidays in 365

The first full week of the holidays and the merriment is great. Time to chill, sleep, tidy, sort, recycle, throw things away, plan, scheme, re-think, meet friends, drink coffee and eat cake. How do I usually find time for work?
Sunday 25th July 2010 and 206/365 Saying goodbye to friends is never easy, but made slightly better by yummy dessert made by Abbie!

Monday 207/365 What a better start to a Monday, than to see Tudur's relatives. How cute are they? 5 weeks old these cousins are!

Tuesday 208/365 Treat!

Wednesday 209/365 Sisters!

Thursday 210/365 The clearing out continues, proving that another's junk is another's treasure, as Tudur tries out the blanket as a possibility.

Friday 211/365 Have you ever tried chocolate pasta?

Saturday 212/365 Flapjacks with chocolate chips and cherries. Yum.

My week 2 of summer holidays 365 to follow

365 and school is out for the Summer

Yippee! There is always something magical about the break up for summer! The school year ended half way through the week - and I know I am waaay behind in posting these pics for my 365 but here they are.
July 18th 2010- Sunday 199/365 Time to meet with other housegroup leaders and reflect on the things we have each been doing and learning.

Monday 19th - 200/365 A trip to IKEA and meeting 2 friends.

Tuesday 201/365 And what does Tudur think to school?

Wednesday 202/365 I decided to start the holidays be beginning with a good clear out.

Thursday 203/365 It was Emily's turn to lead our creative night! Buttons, how we love thee!

Friday 204/365 retail shopping and meeting up with a friend to catch up. I love it!

Saturday 205/365 scrapbooking with friends.

Next 365 post to follow!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Meet the Ancesters

Imagine my amazement and utter surprise and delight to discover this photo of my Grandma and Grandad on their double wedding day circa 1929!
I have been beginning to do some research into my family tree, now that I have a few names uncovered from my adoption paperwork to go from.
I joined an ancestry website to begin my quest. It has been a hard search, as I had 2names, one date and one age to go from as my starting point.
I found a few leads and thought I had gone as far as I could with the mere few pieces of my jigsaw I had found. I was really pleased with what I had discovered but quite unexpecting this!
I was sent the link to this photo from the other half of the family from the double wedding, effectively descendants from my great aunt!
So in the photo, as seen for the first time by myself is my Grandma (as I have decided to call her)

Grandma Kathleen Lucy, when she married my Grandad (as I have named him) Grandad Hubert.

They were seemingly married along with her sister, Doris, (my Great Aunt)to Rev.Harry (my Great Uncle)
Imagine my further joy, to discover amongst the list of names and faces, my Great Grandma - who was called Lucy Maria.

So, I am among 3 generations of Lucy.
If only my parents knew the further linkage to my given name!
I am chuffed to bits!
Anyone see any family resemblance?