Monday, 23 August 2010

Week 4 of the summer for 365

The summer is flying by and it has been another week for family and friends and some fun craftiness.
Sunday 227/365 Friends leave and time to relax with this fabulous movie. The book is better,I think, though.

Monday 228/365 Some scrap booking time. Bliss.

Tuesday 229/365 2 in 1.

Wednesday 230/365 A fun family day at the zoo,mostly in the rain.

Thursday 231/365 I enjoyed using this lovely paper for some more scrap booking.

Friday 232/365 Finding another Rhino. This one at the boat museum.

Saturday 233/365 Ooooh. My first online scrapbook order arrives. Just time to do a bit of scrapping before friends arrive for lunch!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a fun & busy week! I agree with Time Traveler's tho I haven't finished book, lol. And woo hoo & WHAT? FIRST online order? Wowza!


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