Tuesday, 10 August 2010

365 and school is out for the Summer

Yippee! There is always something magical about the break up for summer! The school year ended half way through the week - and I know I am waaay behind in posting these pics for my 365 but here they are.
July 18th 2010- Sunday 199/365 Time to meet with other housegroup leaders and reflect on the things we have each been doing and learning.

Monday 19th - 200/365 A trip to IKEA and meeting 2 friends.

Tuesday 201/365 And what does Tudur think to school?

Wednesday 202/365 I decided to start the holidays be beginning with a good clear out.

Thursday 203/365 It was Emily's turn to lead our creative night! Buttons, how we love thee!

Friday 204/365 retail shopping and meeting up with a friend to catch up. I love it!

Saturday 205/365 scrapbooking with friends.

Next 365 post to follow!

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