Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Sunday Creative Reflections on a Tuesday

Sitting on the sofa, a blob day, time to relax, re-energize before returning to work tomorrow. Yikes!
Summer reflections are full in my head and somehow making their journey from head to heart as I process what I have done and loved and learned and anticipate what is next in my Luci journey....
Sunday Creative is a fabulous blogpost tobe inspired and what better word prompt for me for this next week.... ILLUMINATE.
God, illuminate my path.
I sooo loved visiting Anglesey, a tiny island off North Wales,UK this summer and loved watching the beginnings of the sun setting.
Fishermen and sailors returning home.
rock pools, sand, gulls,

and have a look at other inspiring photos around the word ILLUMINATE this week!
I really fellin love with this place. My trip was waay too short.
I really wantto go back again to unwind all over again.
Can you blame me?


  1. A stunning place I agree and such lovely shots Luci. The light is lovely. Cherry XXX

  2. Nice post. Looks like a beautiful place!

  3. How could one not fall in love...this spot looks delightful. Strange how being close to the water has a way of lifting one's spirits.


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