Saturday, 4 September 2010

Week 6 of 365 and Back to School

Just where did the holidays go to?
The last week of the school holidays, the beginning of September and I am exhausted already!
It is such a shock to the system to say goodbye to the holidays and friends, catch up with laundry and sleep and re-start work and the start of a new academic year in a week.
Thank goodness for weekends!
Sunday 241/365 A beautiful day out in Wales, leaving the rain behind in England.

Monday 242/365 A newly discovered book, purchased and parcelled up to send to a friend.

Tuesday 243/365 curling up with a book,a quiet day ready for going back to work.

Wednesday 244/365 First day of September.Off to work with new diary in hand.

Thursday 245/365 Pure delight to catch up with the girls!

Friday 246/365 Ready for the weekend.

Saturday 247/365 Front page layout for Learn Something New Every Day 2010

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