Saturday, 18 September 2010


I wonder what brings you comfort?
COMFORT is the prompt word over at Sunday Creative for this week.
Comfort: given meanings are- to give strength and hope- consolation- freedom from pain/trouble/anxiety - or something that gives such freedom...

Here is my list of some of my favourite things that bring me comfort,in no particular order- they all work for me!

1. Where would I be without Dairy Milk?

2. A nice soak in the bath.

3. Words of comfort.

4. My Cosy blanket.

5. My slippers.

6. Sausage and Mash, almost ANY cake, lasagne, fish and chips with lots of salt and vinegar, bacon sandwich, Sunday Roast.

7. A hug.

8. A comfy sofa or a cosy armchair.

9. A nice cuppa really helps bring happiness for me.

10. Flowers.

What do you have on your list?

Why not checkout some other photos of bringing comfort and creative thoughts on the subject at Sunday Creative?
Be inspired!


  1. Your photos of your 'comfort zones' are wonderful. tfs

  2. oh yes, I agree with all those wonderful ideas of comfort and now I want some chocolate!

  3. I like hot bubble baths, blankets and a cup of hot tea as well. Nothing better to wash away a day of work than to sit on the couch and mesmerise yourself in a cup of tea for five minutes

  4. Good ones! Chocolate, slippers, etc - except for me it's Mashed Potatoes & Gravy. ;)


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