Saturday, 18 September 2010

First Week Back to School for 365

After the first few days of being back to work last week, the first full week back has still been a shock to the system!
Early starts, packed lunches, smart clothes needed each day and busy days have meant coming home to food in the slow cooker -yum- and lots of early nights and the familiar snooze button in the mornings.
Sunday 248/365 A little scrapping for Learn Something New Every Day.

Monday 249/365 Coming home food cooked and ready to eat is the best.

Tuesday 250/365 Another of my Learn something New Every Day pages

Wednesday 251/365 My sister is very kind to shop for me.

Thursday 252/365 Cheese and biscuits night with the girls.

Friday 253/365 Yummy meal with friends. It was very nice wine too!

Saturday 254/365 Time with friends and time to catch up is great.

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