Monday, 31 May 2010

To Teeter or Totter, What do you think?

I got new shoes for the wedding in 2 weeks time.
Remember the shoes I couldn't walk in last weekend at the hen do?

They are way higher than those pink ones.
They are even higher than the red ones, my favourite shoes.

New shoes?
That is easy to answer.
My justification is simply this.

I want to wear this lovely turquoise/ chocolate dress, last worn to Emily's wedding in October, where I wore dark brown suede court shoes.
I decided that as it is a "Summer" wedding in June (hahaha)- in theory at least -bearing in mind that I went out in boots and an umbrella in the rain to buy these shoes at the weekend.
The theory in my thought process was that the chocolate brown suede shoes would be too heavy and dark for a "summer" wedding. Pink shoes sadly wouldn't do, or the lovely favourite red shoes. What to do? My black sandals clashed horribly.... so new shoes it was to be.
They were fairly easy to find. Tried on 3 different pairs, quickly discarded because white patent looked tacky and the beige suede ones with the bow looked horrid. After a slight glance at some this season's ankle sandal /boots that I hurriedly dismissed, feeling that next season, this season's would be so out of season.
Then I saw these.

These are ridiculously high.




I couldn't resist them.Is that bad?

I love them.
Really love them.
I now have 2 weeks to practise walking in them.
I have to walk in them and have THE wedding cake to take too.
I could make quite an entrance, as I teeter and totter in.
I can't walk in them, yet, of course.
Determination is a wonderful gift.
Clomp, clomp, clip, clop off I go.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

This last week for 365

It has been a busy week.
Friday 141/365 Went to visit a fabulous quiet place room designed on an underwater theme:

Saturday 142/365 Charlotte's hen do!

Sunday 143/365 A beautiful hot day, pub lunch and a walk by the river.

Monday 144/365 Summer seems to be here. Flip flops.

Tuesday 145/365 Getting ready for encouragement night with the girls on Thursday.

Wednesday 146/365 I had such fun creating these butterflies.

Thursday 147/365 My encouraging gifts received.

I am glad that it is half term break this next week!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Encouragement Consequences Night

We had so much fun last night.
Encouragement Night with a bit of a fun twist:-)

We all loved our goody party bags with a few extra surprises inside and each turned up with a small gift for each other and had written a verse or some things down about how we that person encourages us.
I was very blessed to get a lovely candle, some dusky pink icing colouring and some lovely notelets! I also had some very encouraging words written down to go with each gift, that I will treasure, use and try and put the words of life into good practise in my life!
After we had shared our gifts and verses and thoughts with each other - and eaten cake and drunk tea - we played our game of consequences - with an encouraging twist!
We each wrote one line or so to answer each question and then folded it over and then passed it on to do the next. We wrote each of our names on the bottom of the paper so that we didn't write on our own!

There was a lot of sniggering, laughter, giggles shared, exchanged and enjoyed.
Here is the list of the questions we did for our Encouraging Consequences Night!
1. what qualities and strengths does this person have
2. name a funny moment you had with them
3. describe this person in 3 words
4. what famous person does this person remind you of
5. what colour do they remind you of
6. how does this person make you happy
7. what animal would they be
8. what would you say this spiritual gifts are
9. what flavour cupcake would they be
10.If you could spend a day with them, what would you do
11.say something random about them
12. if they were a sport what would they be
13. write the first object that reminds you of them, that comes to your mind.
I have some amazingly encouraging friends, do you?
How do you encourage your friends?
Maybe you would like to encourage one of your friends...?
Have fun playing Encouragement Consequences!
I did x

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Getting Ready for Encouragement Night

Tomorrow night is Encouragement Night for us ladies.
I can hardly wait!
We meet each Thursday and eat loads of cake and laugh til we cry at the stories of our lives for this past week but this week is extra special! Every now and then, we try and actively encourage each other, nurturing the gifts within us such as laughter, creativity and encouragement.
It helps us celebrate and enjoy life and our adventures, mis-haps and to affirm each other for how we see each other's gifts, skills, talents and value our friendship.
We try and be creative!
One time we did it as pass the parcel, where we each wrote out a favourite verse and had a wee gift to go with it. All the wee parcels were wrapped in between layers of paper. You pass the parcel round and when the music stops, you undo a layer! The prize for that layer is revealed, then the music starts again and the parcel continues to pass until the music stops again.
Get it?
It is a classic British childhood birthday party game!
We love it!

So, in our variation of pass the parcel, the encouragement cards and gifts and verses formed the layers of the parcel.It was a bit random and surprisingly, no-one got their own verse. The one I got was a real encouragement to me: about God binding up the broken hearted. The verse was written on a cloud in the shape of a heart and came with some funky plasters with words like OWW, or OUCH!

Other times we have picked names (out of a teapot) and prayed for that person during the week and written it down in a card for them. This encouragement was the verse about the Son shining on the righteous, complete with some rather yummy smelling body lotion called: "Righteous Butter"

This time, we are doing a bit of a game based on the childhood game of "consequences". With a twist of course!
In the original game each person has a piece of paper and writes an answer to a question, for example favourite holiday place, most embarrassing moment, boy's name etc. After each category it is folded down and then passed on to the next person. It can be done with drawing people, with each fold being parts of the body like head, neck, etc.
When every one has had their turn the paper is unfolded and shared/admired/read out etc making no snese at all for the snetences, or for the drawn figure, producing lots of laughter.
Tomorrow, we will do things like write down the funniest thing the person has done, what verse reminds each of us of them, bringing an object/gift/homemade craft for each person to encourage them.
Oh, and I almost forgot.
Party bags!
We are each having a party bag that by the end of the evening will be filled with Encouragements for each of us.
We have written a list of things to write/bring to go inside during the evening!
I can't wait.
More news to follow- of course I can't spoil the surprise, yet!
How do you encourage your friends?

Monday, 24 May 2010

Ready or Not!

So I saw this idea at Ruth's blog.
It sounds like fun and a challenge and stretching my creativity to the limits all at once.
She says it started here.
But I've only just joined a gym, I said.
You got me!
I'm in.
Are you?
I'm in ready or not.
Scary but true.
As someone once said, it might be a can of worms, or a can of butterflies.
Let's see.
Live dangerously, life on the edge, adventure.
I am usually always up for a dare.
boot camp

A Bit Of A Hen Do - Part 2!

So the presents for the Bride to be arrived in one piece.
We went out to eat here:

Eat as much as you like.
Buffet style.
Hummus, crispy duck pancakes, curry, mint mouse, cheesecake and sweets and fruit.
Yummy food.
Too busy eating to get some pictures of the food.
The Bride to be(my niece):

loved it all.
A lovely Girls Night Out!
I wore my lovely posh shoes, of course.
I teetered and tottered, bravely, pretending I was "fine" and tried to keep up with everyone who had worn sensible shoes, convincing myself that I was walking eligantly and not going at a snails pace.
The Mother of the Bride to be(my sister in law) couldn't walk in her shoes either...
but they do look great don't they?

It was lovely spending time with my "ex-family", whom I love dearly and remain close to, perhaps surprisingly, despite being divorced for many many years.
It doesn't generally follow a break-up to maintain good friendships with the in-laws, sister-in laws etc, but this family has a special place in my heart and they would say I the same in theirs too, I think.
It is fun to break the rules, anyway isn't it.
We love to laugh and see people's faces when I am introduced as "the ex-sister in law". We wait for the cogs to turn in people's heads and then say "Oh," and still look perplexed.
We just giggle.
It really is a story of mourning into dancing.
Maybe I will tell you one day.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Bit of Hen Do! Part 1

i am off to my nieces Hen do this weekend. Her Wedding is in a few weeks time. I am making THE wedding cake and it is a work in progress but this weekend it is all about having a bit of fun with the Bride to be and friends and family.
I am trying to get a few gifts wrapped for her...

and would like to get them to the Bride to be in one piece!

Wish me luck!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Photos for the Week for 365

So it is Friday. Time to relax and reflect and review. Here is some of my week in photos for project 365.
Friday 134/365 Busted!

Saturday 135/365 I finished decorating the bride

Sunday 136/365 Yummy Sunday Lunch with friends

Monday 137/365 I love leftovers!

Tuesday 138/365 some nights you just have to be with the remote!

Wednesday 139/365 Tudur!

Thursday 140/365 Girly Chick Cake Night : Jen made marshmallow cupcakes and Abbie made Raspberry cupcakes!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Here Comes The Bride

The bride is finally finished.
I really like her.
Do you?

I did the flowers purple, lilac for her bridal colours and added some blue flowers to link in with the groom who will be in West ham football kit.
He, is still un-clothed, naked and in pieces and will have to wait to be clothed in his football kit when I return from the hen weekend this weekend!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Joining in Just for Fun

I saw this idea.
It seems to be going round bloggyland.
I also found it happening here and here.
They found out about it here but it might have started somewhere else. Was it you?
Look at your photos and find the 8th folder. then pick the 8th photo in that folder to post.
Just for Fun.
so, I am joining on, just for fun.
My 8th photo from my 8th photo folder is this one.

What's yours?
Where did you first see it?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Pink Vanilla Cupcakes

I made these for Pink Vanilla Cupcakes for Sunday Lunch.
A basic cupcake recipe and I added pink colouring to the cake mixture and vanilla essence for a fun surprise!
I baked them for 20 minutes in their red dotty cupcake holders.
I added more pink colouring and vanilla essence for the butter cream topping. I didn't mix it completely to give it a ripple effect.
They would be as delicious with sprinkles as I did, or with some strawberries!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Ridiculously Delicious Sunday

It really was the most ridiculously delicious Sunday Lunch with the Girly Cake Chicks and our friends.
We do this not often enough but love it all the same.
Our housegroup and husbands and friends. We compile a list and invite everyone.

Loads of food: I roasted chicken and beef and everyone brought yummy salads, bread, cakes, cakes and more cakes. It really was full house with about 16 of us and 2 very special little people too.
Oh, and a very big birthday cake made by Abbie for Jen too!

Good times and wonderful friends.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

My Wish Upon A Star List Update

How, how, how have the months have flown by, since October, when I started My List?It is now May and I have quite a long way to go and half way through the year.
In an endeavour to encourage myslef, I will share with you the things I have now achieved and have crossed off My List.
Here goes.

1. Visit hummingbird bakery
2. Sort out photos for scrapbooking. Done!
3. Sort stuff in Trunk.
4. Memory Box
5. Start Scrapbooking - Done!
6. Paint Bathroom
7. Sort and throw out old statements.
8. Increase my working hours - Done!
9. Find new and fulfilling job. Done!
10. Start A Blog - Done!
11. Mum and Dad Artwork.Done!
12. Make blind for Kitchen.
13. Tidy paperwork on desk.
14.Sort Teaching box into files and chuck out the unwanted paper for recycling.
15.Investigate loft/attic conversion.
16. Make some leaf Art.
17. Do a course.
18. Visit friends in Scotland.
19. Write child/youth curriculum.
20. Scrapbook existing photos.
21. Put nice photos in photo frames.
22. Wear a nice dress to a nice occassion. Done!
23. Start swimming again. Done!
24. Girly Shopping Day in a lovely city.
25. Jump in some Puddles. Done!
26. Get a dog. (maybe)
27. Eat in a lovely Restaurant.
28. Discover more about my family roots. Done!
29. Sort, recycle, file child and youth box of stuff.
30. Go for a picnic - at the zoo!
31. Go and see a play.
32. Go and see some live music.
33. Write messy church Stuff down, maybe as a blog?
34. New Relationships.
35. Travel somewhere on a plane.
36. Write down storytelling/circle time stuff done in the last few years.
37. Ditch Denby and buy new china I like. Done!
38. Holiday
39. Sort through Memorabilia of Mum and Dad.
40. Play in the snow. Done!
41. Have a Spa Day - facial, nails - relax. Done!
42. Direction for this new season.
43. Have a Massage.Done!
44. Explore possibilities.
45. 6 x boxes of Junk. Clear out, throw out, give away, keep a little.
46. New system for craft stuff. Done!

15 done.
31 to go.
Do you have a list of things to do this year, or a set of goals?
What is on your list?
How are you doing with your list?

All Star Thursday Night Creations

Ooh, I had sooo much fun on Thursday Night at Rachel's with the girly cake chicks.
This week, it was Rachel's turn to share something creative with us all to learn.
She taught us (or tried to teach us) to make star books!
We each had 3 sheets of double sided scrapbook paper. Gorgeous shades that Rachel chose for us from Basic Grey and 2 squares of thick cardboard and some yellow ribbon.

First though, tea, coffee and this delicious yummy cake that Rachel made.

Now, I won't pretend that the evening was easy. Competition was fierce, as was the laughter when one of us rushed ahead, or got it wrong, or misunderstood. Rachel kept saying to us, this isn't a race and it isn't a competition.
Harsh words.
Tough lessons learned.
Did we listen to her?
Did we learn?
The hard way.

The things that went wrong, typically, were when we were asked to cut out 5x rectangles in 3 different sizes for our book pages. Abbie cut some of her rectangles with the plain titled edge that is along the basic grey 12x12 squares. Oops.

A few of mine were perhaps not "exactly" measured. More the "ish" variety.
Anna claimed to draw lines to cut and then cut along completely different lines. Abbie folded her rectangles in half the wrong way.

Anyway, after we had cut out our 15 rectangles, we sorted them into our favourite colourways and cut a square out of the 5 smallest rectangles.

They look like the top of a pinafore dress. Then fold them into "W" shapes. Then use loads of double sided sticky tape and stick the outside edge of the smallest to the middle, and then the middle to the largest. The small and middle stuck rectangles will now look like a "w" and the middle to biggest rectangles will now look like a "v" shape. Do this 5 x times.

I got carried away with all the double sides sticky tape and in my eagerness to make my star book, having seen a picture of the star book displayed in all it's beauty in a complete sphere,stuck my pages together in a complete spherical star shape. With tape. Without all the cardboard book cover . Or the ribbon.
"Ta Da!" I said, proudly admiring my creation.
"Did you stick it?" Rachel said.
"Yes" I said.
"Did you already do your book covers?" she enquired.
That would be a No, then.
Everyone giggled as Rachel pointed to my 2 as yet unused bits of cardboard and ribbon, just lying there.
Everyone else was, by now, making their book covers and their "stars" were merely star shapes in folded form, loosely tied with their ribbons, so their creation could either be a book or a star.
Theirs were not stuck, fixed, securely, like mine, with the 5 sets of rectangles fastened with the last 4 edges attached with double sided tape to form an albeit a perfect spherical star. A beautiful decoration, yes, but not a star book.
So much for it not being a race.

Thankfully, Rachel is a whizz with a scalpel knife set and my "book" was quickly restored from it's brief "star-stuck" glory.
Phew. Thank you Rachel for coming to the rescue with your tools and skill.

And here is my star book.

You cold stick photos in in before sticking the pages together and without folding it into the "w" shapes, or we thought you could hang words on ribbon like star/beautiful/unique or record some of your "star" moments in your star book.
Thank You Rachel!
You are a star!
For more fabulous ides, check out Rachel's blog here.

Friday, 14 May 2010

The Week of Hanging Around that Flew By

Where has this week gone?
It has been busy at work and seems to have flown by,despite all the Political waiting around for this nation this week.

Time almost stands still as we wait to hear news of who might be discussing with who for political power/sharing. Meanwhile, it is Friday 127/365 and I am waiting for my tea to cook.

Saturday 128/365 Sorting, tidying, cleaning. Seems like it wasn't just my washing hanging out with the results and decisions about a hung parliament and coalition.

Sunday 129/365 Successful sorting this weekend.

Monday 130/365 It might be May but it is very cold here for May! Only one thing for it: baton down the hatches and stay in the warm.

Tuesday 131/365 Scrapbook Night with friends and my task was to finish sorting the last of the photos from the heap in the banana box. gone. Finished. All done!

Wednesday 132/365 I did a scrapbook page and used some of these stickers!

Thursday 133/365 Creative Night with the girls and mine nearly went completely wrong!