Friday, 14 May 2010

The Week of Hanging Around that Flew By

Where has this week gone?
It has been busy at work and seems to have flown by,despite all the Political waiting around for this nation this week.

Time almost stands still as we wait to hear news of who might be discussing with who for political power/sharing. Meanwhile, it is Friday 127/365 and I am waiting for my tea to cook.

Saturday 128/365 Sorting, tidying, cleaning. Seems like it wasn't just my washing hanging out with the results and decisions about a hung parliament and coalition.

Sunday 129/365 Successful sorting this weekend.

Monday 130/365 It might be May but it is very cold here for May! Only one thing for it: baton down the hatches and stay in the warm.

Tuesday 131/365 Scrapbook Night with friends and my task was to finish sorting the last of the photos from the heap in the banana box. gone. Finished. All done!

Wednesday 132/365 I did a scrapbook page and used some of these stickers!

Thursday 133/365 Creative Night with the girls and mine nearly went completely wrong!

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