Monday, 31 May 2010

To Teeter or Totter, What do you think?

I got new shoes for the wedding in 2 weeks time.
Remember the shoes I couldn't walk in last weekend at the hen do?

They are way higher than those pink ones.
They are even higher than the red ones, my favourite shoes.

New shoes?
That is easy to answer.
My justification is simply this.

I want to wear this lovely turquoise/ chocolate dress, last worn to Emily's wedding in October, where I wore dark brown suede court shoes.
I decided that as it is a "Summer" wedding in June (hahaha)- in theory at least -bearing in mind that I went out in boots and an umbrella in the rain to buy these shoes at the weekend.
The theory in my thought process was that the chocolate brown suede shoes would be too heavy and dark for a "summer" wedding. Pink shoes sadly wouldn't do, or the lovely favourite red shoes. What to do? My black sandals clashed horribly.... so new shoes it was to be.
They were fairly easy to find. Tried on 3 different pairs, quickly discarded because white patent looked tacky and the beige suede ones with the bow looked horrid. After a slight glance at some this season's ankle sandal /boots that I hurriedly dismissed, feeling that next season, this season's would be so out of season.
Then I saw these.

These are ridiculously high.




I couldn't resist them.Is that bad?

I love them.
Really love them.
I now have 2 weeks to practise walking in them.
I have to walk in them and have THE wedding cake to take too.
I could make quite an entrance, as I teeter and totter in.
I can't walk in them, yet, of course.
Determination is a wonderful gift.
Clomp, clomp, clip, clop off I go.

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  1. ahhh those are amazing Luci! I wore some very high heels for a wedding in Feb and covered my toes in plasters before hand which made walking in them easier! You can always take them off for dancing :)

    You will look beautiful!


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