Sunday, 2 May 2010

Only 4 days for 365 Revealed.

Yep. Only 4 days for my project 365 this week are revealed here.
The rest will remain hidden for a while... all in good time...
Monday 116/365
Discovering a little more into my own family history and a few leads to pursue to discover more.

Tuesday 117/365
I know, I have only just joined the gym, but it is such a relaxing view as I turn in here after a busy day. 5 minutes achieved on the dreadmill and the others. And counting.

Wednesday 118/365
A chilled evening, completing a scrapbook page on Learning to Ride A Bike. (or "2 wheeler bick" as I referred to it in my diary when I was little!)

Thursday 119/365
Tudur was sticking his paw through the letter box to greet me as I drove home from work, thanks to the postman leaving the letterbox open with my post!

I am saving the others of my project 365 for this week, to share at the end of the being Thankful Party next week, as there will be some things the same :-) AND my girlie cake chick house group friends said it just wouldn't be fair to put my 365 photos on my blog before we share next week.

So... watch this space.... and join in the being thankful party with us, if you like!
We would love to have you join in. x

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