Saturday, 15 May 2010

My Wish Upon A Star List Update

How, how, how have the months have flown by, since October, when I started My List?It is now May and I have quite a long way to go and half way through the year.
In an endeavour to encourage myslef, I will share with you the things I have now achieved and have crossed off My List.
Here goes.

1. Visit hummingbird bakery
2. Sort out photos for scrapbooking. Done!
3. Sort stuff in Trunk.
4. Memory Box
5. Start Scrapbooking - Done!
6. Paint Bathroom
7. Sort and throw out old statements.
8. Increase my working hours - Done!
9. Find new and fulfilling job. Done!
10. Start A Blog - Done!
11. Mum and Dad Artwork.Done!
12. Make blind for Kitchen.
13. Tidy paperwork on desk.
14.Sort Teaching box into files and chuck out the unwanted paper for recycling.
15.Investigate loft/attic conversion.
16. Make some leaf Art.
17. Do a course.
18. Visit friends in Scotland.
19. Write child/youth curriculum.
20. Scrapbook existing photos.
21. Put nice photos in photo frames.
22. Wear a nice dress to a nice occassion. Done!
23. Start swimming again. Done!
24. Girly Shopping Day in a lovely city.
25. Jump in some Puddles. Done!
26. Get a dog. (maybe)
27. Eat in a lovely Restaurant.
28. Discover more about my family roots. Done!
29. Sort, recycle, file child and youth box of stuff.
30. Go for a picnic - at the zoo!
31. Go and see a play.
32. Go and see some live music.
33. Write messy church Stuff down, maybe as a blog?
34. New Relationships.
35. Travel somewhere on a plane.
36. Write down storytelling/circle time stuff done in the last few years.
37. Ditch Denby and buy new china I like. Done!
38. Holiday
39. Sort through Memorabilia of Mum and Dad.
40. Play in the snow. Done!
41. Have a Spa Day - facial, nails - relax. Done!
42. Direction for this new season.
43. Have a Massage.Done!
44. Explore possibilities.
45. 6 x boxes of Junk. Clear out, throw out, give away, keep a little.
46. New system for craft stuff. Done!

15 done.
31 to go.
Do you have a list of things to do this year, or a set of goals?
What is on your list?
How are you doing with your list?

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  1. Wow! You've actually crossed off a lot from your list. Way to go!

    No, I don't have a list, but really like the idea. Maybe I'll start one...


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