Sunday, 9 May 2010

Playing Ditch or Keep whilst Relaxing.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
I am really kicking back this weekend and relaxing.
I have to say that doing the gym (20 minutes this week)and then swimming (30 minutes) and then messing about in all the warm whirlpool and steam rooms was a great start to the weekend.
Very relaxing.
As has been sleep, reading, cooking, cleaning, washing, watching great movies on TV(Maid in Manhattan, the Italian Job and Nanny McPhee) and catching up with friends and family on the phone.
I have also been finally tackling the rather huge and overflowing banana box of photos.
It has been stuffed either under a bed in the spare room, more recently or in the garage.
For a few years.
4 of them under the bed and 2 in my sisters garage.
6 years in total.
A box full of memories of family photos from the last few years that never made it to albums and my 7 years based in Scotland with YWAM. Outreaches, travelling, child and youth and family work, Glasgow, Edinburgh, to name a few loved places.
It has been quite therapeutic to play ditch or keep with them all and put the pile to keep in order into my photo boxes, sorted and labelled. One photograph box for Scotland and 1x box for friends and family photos.

All now ready to scrapbook.

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