Thursday, 6 May 2010

My Being Thankful Week

This last week I have been thinking about things I am Thankful for.
I have been taking photos for my 365 project and reflecting on thankfulness for each day as it evolves. Here it is:
My Being thankful Week.

Friday 120/365 I am thankful for my Sat Nav: my loved Tom Tom. I used it to drive to my friends house for tea as the place she lives has streets that all interlink and twist and turn and after a while they all begin to look the same. Know the feeling of being lost and confused and disorientated? I have the cute Irish voice of Sean on my Tom Tom. Our relationship is mixed as sometimes he repeatedly tells me to turn round when I think I know where I am going and sometimes he flies off my windscreen yelling at me with his screen facing the corner away from me as if sulking. I used to hate driving places as night, trying to map read in the dark or having directions written on a post it, only to lose it out of the window in the wind on a summer drive. so Tom Tom, I love you. My Bible is my other wonderful source of direction for my life, too. I wouldn't wish to be without either, now I have them.

Saturday 121/365 I am thankful for my friends. I have lots of friends spread out in different parts of the UK and into the nations. I miss seeing many, often, as it isn't always easy travelling or playing diaries to get to see my friends. Since moving to this city a few years ago, I have begun to make some precious friendships here. Great to be able to meet up and share a coffee... and maybe cake too! I met one friend for coffee and cake today and it was fun.

Sunday 122/365 I am thankful for the Seasons of Life. A walk in my local park today, reminded me that it is now Spring. This last year I have been in a bit of a Winter, experiencing time to rest, recover, re-charge, re-discover, re-energise. I have had times where life has been mad crazy busy and whirlwinds of fun and productivity. Each season a blessing and needed. I am enjoying learning to appreciate times of Refreshing without pouring my life out all the time.

Monday 123/365 I am Thankful for creativity. I began making this bride cake topper out of fondant icing. Creativity is an amazingly fun gift and talent to have and I am beginning to learn to use and develop this gift within me. It will take me a lifetime to continue to try and master and I don't think I will be anyway near perfect at it but a girl can try, can't she.

Tuesday 124/365 I am thankful for safety. A reminder of times when I have known and experienced safety and protection from harm during my own abusive previous marriage. To feel safe is amazing and freedom itself.

Wednesday 125/365 I am Thankful for Relaxing Times. Reading in the bath or the garden are 2 of my favourite places, as is having a spa day, or relaxing with a great movie. These have all been especially important to me this last year as I have been recovering for post viral fatigue and re-discovering my well being again. Books like Punk Monk or Live Like You mean it talk about Rhythms of Life. Good one.

Thursday 126/365 Today is Election Day and I am Thankful for the freedom of choice to vote. Freedom of speech/voice is extremely powerful and as a woman to be able to vote is a necessary privilege. So, I made Election Day cupcakes. I will enjoy them, whilst we wait and see the outcomes.

What have you been thankful for this week?

Write about it here, or post a link to your blogpost!

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