Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remember to be thankful for red shoes!

I am sitting here watching the movie: "the Wizard of Oz" as it celebrates it's birthday. Apparently the ruby shoes are valued at $3million. My red shoes cost considerably less, but they do hold a precious significance for me. I bought them at the beginning of the year, for a friend's birthday party I was attending. The Lord had been speaking to me at that time about how I saw myself, how others see me and most importantly how He sees me. He reminded me that I am beautiful on the inside and out to Him, which was a very precious thing for me to be reminded of. At the time, I had begun getting to know a guy who was full of words and promises, a bit like a rainbow it seemed and I thought I was beginning to travel along my own yellow brick road, full of hope and expectation. The guy quickly turned out to be a liar and a cheat and it all ended before it began, thankfully. However, the truth of how God saw me and continues to see me is still true. On my shopping trip for my shoes, I found my amazing and beautiful red shoes with the label:"gorgeous"at a very very affordable price! I laughed out loud when I found them. I just had to buy them. The bonus is, of course, that they say gorgeous in both feet too! What a fabulous reminder for me, when I wear them, that God says I am loved, accepted, special and unique. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. He gives me hope with His promises in His own rainbows and leads me on my very own yellow brick road. An amazing adventure in itself!
So, if you watch the movie or the next time you see a rainbow or buy a pair of red shoes, think on these things. I do. I love my red shoes!


  1. thanks rachel. I think I might wear them for our thanksgiving meal.

  2. Thank you Luci, not only for reminding me of your gorgeous red shoes ... but what they signify, and who we really are in Christ ... and how He sees us - even when we feel crushed by the way others may have treated us ... xxx

  3. You're welcome Keren and may I continue to bless you as I am blessed by the things He teaches me, in the everyday ways - including shoes. How cool is that!

  4. Hello, I'm just discovering your sweet blog - about the Wizard of Oz do you know about this ? Probaly yes...


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