Saturday, 14 November 2009

Remember to be thankful for today!

Today, I did it!
I actually did it.
I finally entered the world of scrap booking.
To be honest, it has been a long time coming. It has been in my head and my intentions for sometime. I have had a pile of scrap booking paper and an album since my last visit to the USA.... 2 years ago... oops.
I've even watched many of my friends from America do scrap booking and looked and admired their albums for several years previously, particularly during my YWAM years, so it isn't that scrap booking is new to me as a concept.
I didn't join in back then, as for years it was quite hard to get hold of the stuff here in the UK and most of my old family photos were packed away in boxes in storage.
My niece now lives in Boston, USA and got into scrap booking in a big way and so on my last visit to see her, 2 years ago, I went along to one of her crops. It was lots of fun and I even enjoyed helping Rachel make some of her pages. She even gave me a load of stuff and we bought a few bits, so that I could start scrap booking myself.
I came home, unpacked everything, put it on a shelf... and the stuff stayed in a pile.
Waiting for me to start.
So, this last year or so I have got to know my friend Rachel, who is wonderful scrapbooker. She has shown me lots of her stuff and puts some of it on her blog too. Anyway, she told me that some of the ladies from church gather once a month for a day to scrapbook. As this is the UK, they call it a scrapbook "group" and not a "crop". I have been ill this year and so mustering the energy to go and join in with them has taken me a while....
Then a couple of weeks ago, I heard that the next scrap booking group day was to be today.
So I went today.
Today I entered the world of scrap booking.
I have finally started my very own scrap booking album.
I had such fun.
My first 4 pages done.
Thank you friends for today.
Thank you for your encouragement, for sharing your scrap booking and helping me get started.
Today has been a great day!

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