Monday, 23 November 2009

It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas!

I love Christmas for all the right reasons: sparkle, cinnamon, lots of ooh ahhs, friends, family, giving and receiving gifts and Jesus coming as Immanuel God with us.
The challenge comes with all the preparations. I have given a lot of thought into the gifts I am going to make, but I am way behind this year with some stuff.
Christmas cards.
I usually make all my own cards, usually lots of crafty stamping and fun with glitter, card, glue and embossing stuff.
I then usually send everyone a newsletter with some photos in the envelope.
This year, I have made ONE design and sent it to a company with what I want to say on the back. It will be postcard size. I have ordered a hundred and it comes with the picture in grey on the backside. I hope it works. It has saved me weeks of time in making all my cards, this year. I had loads of fun doing my design!Have fun making or printing or just writing your cards to those you know and love, far and wide this year. x
You can find the company I used here.

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