Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A snowy day and a long drive home

I woke up to snow falling. We so rarely get big snowflakes that settle, it was quite a surprise.
I got to work OK.
8 miles takes about 20 minutes.
We had a good day at work and some built snowmen at playtime and large snowballs that quickly grew and grew and grew.
Left work in about 4 inches of snow.
The journey home took just over 3 hours.
Not so OK.
Cars in long queues in an almost gridlock, slipping and sliding on the ice.
Nice to be safe and warm now in my wee house.
Tudur is purring.
I am very tired.


  1. It's been snowing here since Saturday (in New York State). I HATE driving in this stuff. Your commute sounds like a nightmare. Be safe.

  2. It's beautiful to see if only you didn't have to drive in it! So glad you got home safe and sound.


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