Friday, 22 January 2010

My 365 week 3

It has been a week of filing cabinets, setting up systems for admin and playing around with a timetable that I wish was made of elastic for me at work. I have now completed 2 full weeks and a snowy week in my new job. Almost 3 weeks in total and I am loving it!
I am still feeling that I am chasing my tail but friends and colleagues keep encouraging me to pace myself and not feel that it all has to be up done immediately. I brought some work home a couple of times, before blobbing on the sofa and then blissful sleep. Consequently, my 365 this week has seemed a creative challenge for me.
I could take a photo every day of a pile of files or the food I eat for my tea, or a photo of my porridge spilling over in the microwave as that seems to happen almost daily. I could take a photo of Tudur, or the TV.
So here is a creatively challenged week with photos 16-22:
Saturday 16/365 Tudur and I relaxed and watched TV. I also cleaned and went to the opticians.Sunday 17/365 I came downstairs to the smell of freshly baked bread!Monday 18/365 I brought some work home and Tudur played hide and seek in an empty bag!Tuesday 19/365 I heard the news that Cadbury is now owned by Kraft.Wednesday 20/365 My porridge didn't spill over in the microwave! Success!Thursday 21/365 Fabulous evening with the girly cake chicks. Jen made fabulous cake and we actually did a bit more work on the banners we are creating. Look out for my blog post on it this weekend!Friday 22/365 Phew for the weekend! I did my weekly shop but now my lovely newly acquired bread bin is empty again. I will need to make bread this weekend!

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