Sunday, 31 January 2010

week 4 for my 365

It has been another week where I could have taken photos of all the piles of filing at work tackled and still to do but there is more to life isn't there?
I have tried to bring my life back into more control this last week by beginning to do a few things in the evenings after work.
It has been a few wee steps for me and I still needed a few early nights and lots of TV watching to get to Friday in one piece!
How has your week been?
Here is a glimpse at mine this last week...
23/365 Saturday.
A great day to catch up with friends and play diaries!

24/365 Sunday.
A great afternoon with the girly chicks working on the banners and eating crumpets and chocolate bread!

25/365 Monday.
I went round to see my friend and she picked my brains! It was OK though, as she gave me chocolate.

26/365 Tuesday
I came home and had a bath. It was quite relaxing, until Tudur fell in!

27/365 Wednesday.
I had tea at my sister's and poor Tudur had to wait for his supper!

28/365 Thursday.
Emily made yummy cakes for the girly chicks!

29/365 Friday.
Watching the best movie for nostalgia factor!

30/365 Saturday.
Shopping with Tanya!

31/365 Sunday.
Snow and hail. Definitely a day for hat and scarf!

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