Wednesday, 6 January 2010

SNOW day!!!!

We had a SNOW day today!
It is so rare here. The last time most schools in my city were closed,about 3 years ago, and the one I worked in at the time was the only one open!
We had a magical day building snowmen and coming inside to dry off before going out to play again! It was more magical because it was "world book day" that day so everyone was dressed up as their favourite book character! So, imagine children dressed in princess fairy outfits AND hats, gloves, scarves and cats and wellies, building snowmen!
A precious memory.
I was really pleased to have a snow day, as driving home last night for over 3 hours instead of about 20 minutes was NO fun at all.
After I had heard first thing this morning that my school was closed I phoned a local school to me to see if they were open.
They were closed.
So I had a SNOW day!
I went for a walk, wearing my wellies and met up with my bloggy friend Rachel over at myslightlycrazyworld.

Her little boy was not in the least bit interested in walking in the snow at all.
It was beautifully crunchy undrefoot too. Rachel and I loved it!
We found this amazing old man face snow sculpture in the park too.I had to take a photo for my 6/365.
Amazing isn't he?

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