Saturday, 2 January 2010

A Rainy Day 2 Shop Under My Umbrella!

I went shopping with my friend Abbie.
It was raining and cold and grey.
A typical English day.
No wonder the grass is so green here!
We bravely ventured to the shops, via a cafe on the way for yummy lunch. I say bravely because we had to:
a) dodge raindrops
b) puddle jump
c) negotiate shoppers looking for bargains in the sales.
We did it.
I got some clothes for my new job that starts next week!
I love my umbrella that has hearts all over it, but Abbies is fantastic isn't it with all those rainbow coloured storm words?
This is my photo for day 2 of project 365. Nice one Abs!


  1. Love this photo. Definitely one to be scrapbooked. I didn't know you were doing 365, me too.

  2. This picture is so much fun and what a great visual reminder of a fun day with a friend. Love it!


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