Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year!
I wonder what the new year holds for you? Time for change, count your blessings, move forward....
More relaxing today for me with TV - Willy Wonka, The Railway Children and Miss Marple - all loved classics for me today! A day made complete with my cosy new slippers that I was able to use my staff discount card to get from the bling shop when I worked there!

I also drank hot chocolate made with Liquid chocolate from the Hotel Chocolate store!
I braved the shops to do my food shopping ready for the week ahead and had a quick walk in the cold before going to tea with my friend Abbie. Yummy lasagne.
I have been also giving myself some more time for reflecting on last year and looking forward to new hopes and dreams for 2010. More on this later...but for now I am following this advice - check it out here - and choosing one word for this year. Quite a challenge for me too, Beth, to only choose only ONE! I could write quite a list of favourite words! Thanks for the idea.
I am going to choose the word FLOURISH for this next year ahead.

I read in another blog about recording each day of the year ahead with a photo - Project 365- read all about it here and where it seems to have all started. A brilliant idea to try!
I am having 2 photos for today, my new slippers and my soon to flourish Lillies I bought today to remind me of my new word for the year 2010!
What word will you pick for this year?
Let me know and blog about it and post a link so others can hear too.

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  1. Yeah for you Luci! Super cute slippers & great word. Praying you flourish MIGHTY way in 2010!


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