Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dance Opportunity

One of my church friends, Paul, is a professional Royal Ballet dancer who has put together this dance tour opportunity with his Dance Theatre company, Paul and Kieran dance Theatre. This is the dance promotion video called My Name Is at You Tube.
Check this out!
The focus is on raising awareness of addiction, the pitfalls, dangers and the sheer beauty of transformation in the dancing and individual lives when God comes and meets with us and we chose to respond to Him.
I loved the beauty in this video promotion that shines through.
What do you think?
The dancers are all recovering addicts themselves.
The Tour promotion will be in May 2010 in my home city and hopes to go on tour in the UK, probably from September 2010.
Interested in them coming to your town/city/school/college/youth event?
Spread the word.
Contact Paul and Kieran Dance Theatre.

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