Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Happy February, sweet dreams?!

Happy February everyone!
It is nearly valentines Day and I love hearts.
I was woken up by my neighbours canvinced somone was knocking on my window.
I crept downstairs in the dark.
Tudur purred, happy to seee me and snuggled close in my arms.
My fearless kitten.
Their kitchen door is now open.
Their lights are on.
And their garden sensor light.
looks a bit smokey.
Probably burned toast.
And they woke me up.
Not a great start for the month is it?
Now I don't feel very loving.
Maybe I should take round some butter for the burnt offering?
It is late - or early.
Tudur is now asleep next to me.
Alright for some.
I shall try and go back to sleep again.
Sweet dreams.
Sweet February.
Will try and have more grace and be more loving...

1 comment:

  1. We can't always be loving when we're woken up like that! Not me anyway.
    I really like your wreath. Love the cinnamon sticks and the metal heart in the middle~


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